Nintendo Reconfirms NX Release Date In Latest Financial Reports

Which means we’re a little over half a year away from its release now.

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With the NX’s announced release date of March 2017 rapidly approaching, but none of us being any wiser about exactly what it is, there has been speculation that Nintendo may be planning on pushing the release date for the system later into 2017- possibly into the much more sensible Holiday season window.

However, that speculation must now be put to rest, as Nintendo have, yet again, recommitted to a Marc 2017 global release date. In their latest financial report, shared with their investors, Nintendo has confirmed that “Nintendo is also devoted to the development of a gaming platform codenamed “NX” with a brand-new concept, which will be launched in March 2017 globally.”

At this point, if the system was delayed, then Nintendo could conceivably be accused of willfully misleading investors- which is, you know, illegal, and stuff.

That said, if the NX is indeed coming in March 2017, then Nintendo are running out of time to actually announce the system and initiate a hype and marketing cycle for it. Hopefully, we can expect an announcement and reveal for the system by September or early October at the latest, because otherwise, I don’t know how Nintendo would have enough time to generate any hype for the NX.

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  • Bigbad Bahamut

    Cant rush greatness, like sony said “greatness awaits” and i’m still waiting for it.. as it turns out greatness is the Ps4.5 not so much ps4…

    • Troy Marcel

      Unfortunately we are getting the consoles we wanted 3-4 years after they released them, oh well.

    • Nintengods

      And Neo is still underpowered compared to a 2013 PC so you are stuck with 1080P 30FPS for the next few years anyway. Scorpio is going to be something under 4K at 30FPS as well.

      So much for greatness

    • Troy Marcel

      The nx isn’t going to be that much more powerful than the PS4 our the Xbox one S or on par.

    • Nintengods

      Nope. French site that leaked the neo release date before Amazon did said it’s on par with the neo, If not better.

      Sorry to bust your bubble that people are looking forward to a Nintendo console and the GOTY 2017 while PS4 and Xbone owners are waiting for a justification on why they wasted money

    • Troy Marcel

      Wasted money? I don’t think so, I’ve enjoyed playing my xbox since release, that’s 3 good years of gaming i don’t think i can say the same for the wii u.

    • jp

      ive been playing the X1 non stop, I didnt waste any money if at all I just wasted money with that underpowered super hyped console called the PS3, hence I switched to Xbox, more suppor more content, more games, whats not to love about the Xbox? and this coming winter? Xbox owners have more exclusives than the PS4, maybe no PC but I have a PC too so I dont miss anything, and Nintendo? I just have high hopes for them since I was a Nintendo kid.

    • Nintengods

      So you are happy with no games and poor performance

      Xdrones pls go. Take the $ony drones with you.

    • jp

      you clearly never have touched an Xbox One controller even less played a game on it, both the PS4 and the Xbox have good catalogues, as of late the X1 has had more games and this for this winter applies too, the PC has always had more games but its a Steam monopoly and you stuck with that, just watch when MS buys out Valve for 6 billion (they just bought LinkedIn for 26 Billion), and create a Xbox/Steam Machine, that console (Scorpio) would be on pair with the latest technology except for the Hardcore Rigs, you are very ignorant kid.

  • Nintengods

    We knew this months ago.

    Still, may as well give the $DF and xdrones some time to panic before no one cares about their consoles any more.

    • jp

      you DO understand where Nintendo is standing correct? as well as Sony they cant flop again because it would be a serious risk for their business where MS can waste all the money they want without risking the Xbox brand, thats gives the Xbox owners betters services and support, I am Nintenfo kid and looking fwd to what they have, but as far as console support Xbox takes the ultimate prize.

    • Nintengods

      You lost all your exclusives to PC. Bugger off xdrone. You have no games just like the $ony drones

    • jp

      you mean Windows 10 right? and you didnt reply to my argument.


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