Nintendo Switch Being Less Powerful Than PS4 And Xbox One Doesn’t Matter – Little Nightmares Dev

“The Switch is doing its own thing and it has potential to do well.”

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At this point, we are still unclear on just how powerful the Nintendo Switch really will be – recent rumors indicate it will be less powerful than the PS4, and about as powerful as the Xbox One – but they’re just that, rumors, and rumors about this system is all over the place.

However, even if the Switch does end up being not as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4, that won’t matter or hurt its prospects in the long run, according to Dave Mervik of Tarsier Studios, the folks working on Little Nightmares currently.

“Hardware power hasn’t really mattered for Nintendo in a long while,” Mervik said in an interview with GamingBolt. “It didn’t matter for the Wii and it’s likely not the reason why the Wii U didn’t do as well. The accessibility of the product, the Nintendo games and the dedication from third-party developers is going to matter a lot more. The Switch is doing its own thing and it has potential to do well, both as a full or secondary alternative to Sony and Microsoft consoles.”

His point sort of stands, although I do think that one of the things he is counting on – good third party support – comes with the territory of being powerful enough to support. That said, as long as the Switch is scaleable and easy to port to, it should be fine- and all accounts indicate that is exactly what it will be. Whatever the case, though, we should know for sure come January 13. And hey, in the worst case? It will be the most powerful handheld ever made, if nothing else.

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  • Gabriel Porto

    It does when a AAA game is going to look like this:

  • Hans Olo

    Nintendo Switch……Two thumbs down!

  • hiawa23

    It is a portable that docks, not a traditional console so I did not expect PS4 or X1S power, certainly nothing on the level of Scorpio, Pro. I am wondering how this translate to third party support.

    • Nicholebmontgomery

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    • Easy. Japanese Developers are going to support it.
      Sonic 2017 confirmed
      Dragon Quest X-XI confirmed (even Dragon Quest Builders can get a port)
      Level-5, Atlus, KOEI Tecmo and Namco will be supporting it.
      Even Platinum Games. One of the best supporters of Wii U.

    • Clint Hoffman

      Anyone that is doing mobile games will likely give them a look. Everyone else will pretty much ignore this mobile phone like console.

  • Tamago1

    Power doesn’t matter, it has potential… It’s always the same rhetoric like clockwork. But what does the Switch offer that the Wii U didn’t? Portability? People that buy consoles don’t care about that and those that care already have their phones, 3DS and Vita. And what is even the point of portability of something that will be pretty big, delicate and have at best 5 hours of battery life? The thing it’s gonna need its own bag because is not like it’ll be on your pocket.

    This new system has failure written all over it. And with the lack of backward compatibility with Wii U and Wii discs and the obligatory lack of future 3rd party support this system will have the smallest library of games since the 3DO.

    • moreover

      Erm, 5 hours is quite a lot for a handheld, really shows how you have no idea what you are even talking about.

  • Note5

    A 3ds as powerful as the switch could made more sense Nintendo.

  • Couldve just made a regular console, but no.

    • Clint Hoffman

      They haven’t made a regular console in years. why start now.

    • Because it’d mean third party support, better hardware, standard features…

    • moreover

      And a standard boring experience. Thank you, but no, Sony and Microsoft are already more than enough for boring.

    • Boring? Who died and made you the thoughts of all console gamers?

    • moreover

      Probably you.

  • Gamingfan

    lol this will make the playstation and xbox kids cry.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Why would it make anybody cry?

    • Clint Hoffman

      One this is for sure..if they do cry it will because they are laughing so hard at this device. They should have stuck to 3rd party development(edit: meaning build their games for real consoles). Expect it to eventually end up where BlackBerry is…irrelevant.

  • heavenshitman1

    All the negative comnents, it was barely some short years ago, Maxwell architecture (rumoured to be in Switch) was heralded as a gaming holy grail. Now Pascal is here, everyone thinks Maxwell should rot in the slums.
    The best games in all history were rarely ever built on high end hardware. And games like Metroid Prime (with point aim controls) show what Nintendo can do that doesn’t get done on even the vastly more powerful PS4 and XB1

  • disqus_1S1GyNUnq5

    bye bye nintendo. sure, some last gen games like skyrim may get ported to the switch in the beginning. but as soon as new games for the ps4 pro and scorpio will come in later next year, they will not be able to port their stuff… the switch will very quickly be 3rd-party-less again. and with nintendo’s own games being only a shadow of their former selves i predict less than 10 million sold switch units which will continue the downward trend.

    • Gamingfan

      lol its funny how you think you know what you’re talking about.

  • Gamingfan

    Kids will be kids I guess. When you grow up you dont care anymore. You’ll just want to see what games are coming and if you aren’t impressed you’ll move on. Not cry on the internet about it.

    • Troy Marcel

      I don’t care about the switch, never have and never will. It’s morons trying to start crap thats laughable.

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  • NOSQEY .

    Power does matter,if you want 3rd party support,especially introducing a console at this point in time.I have just replaced my xb1 with an xb1s,i was not impressed with the switch at first but i’m warming to it and in my opinion nintendo better pull their socks up after the wii u.I said i wouldn’t bother with nintendo after the wii u.But i might change my mind on 12/01/17.

  • Sean Holt

    it is not a console it is a glorifed tablet get it right people

  • Mohammed Allha

    Maybe this what the gaming industry needs a console that offer less realistic games that cost developers millions of dollars and in exchange the game preform low

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