Nintendo Switch Will Need To Do More Than Only Connecting Home And Portable Gaming, Says Viking Dev

I can’t say I disagree with him.

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Nintendo’s Switch appears to be an exciting new machine, and certainly one that has developers intrigued with its potential. However, Peter Nagy, CEO and Head of development at Gamesfarm, the folks who are currently working on bringing Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, has pointed out in an exclusive interview with GamingBolt that the Switch will need to do more than just being a hybrid, if it truly wants to resonate.

“We developed a lot of games for Nintendo back in the days so I am quite excited about upcoming NX,” Nagy said. “I have to admit that we are completely swamped with finalizing Vikings development and there was not really a lot of time to consider upcoming NX for our future projects.”

Nagy admitted that the Switch has the potential of being a revolution- but that that same potential could potentially be a cause for the platform’s failure.

“It may appeal to a new type of player and bring something new to the existing gaming community which is definitively a good thing. I have to admit that I favor revolution above the evolution but unfortunately revolutionary ideas often fail… However I definitively keep my fingers crossed that NX will fall into successful revolution category.”

Basically, he argues that the Switch needs to straddle two separate niches that may already be filled by other devices.

“Connecting home-gameplay and portable gaming is a good thing; but how this will be implemented is hard to predict at this moment. We may see that people still prefer 4k + VR at home while use portable device (smartphone) when travelling… To change this NX will need to offer something more than just merging those two different approaches.”

Nintendo have repeatedly hinted that there is more to the Switch than what they have just shown (albeit what they have shown so far has been great)- and they do have a tendency to keep some smaller, but significant, surprises, hidden until the last minute. My assumption is we will find out what it is in January, when Nintendo hold their Switch event.

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  • Kevin Tapp Minville

    Well, the Switch will have to do more than being good at home and be portable…
    During that time, the PS4 and xBone are just crappy at home and aren’t portable…

    • Hans Olo

      Yeah you are right 40 million plus PS4 owners and 20 million or so Xbox players and are crappy compared to 13 million WII U owners…..what a POS you are. go back to pegging Mario and Luigi with your plunger.

  • Gabriel Porto

    “Nintendo have repeatedly hinted that there is more to the Switch than what they have just shown”

    Some people never learn.

    • Carlawconner

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    • Kalloran Castalia

      I get what you’re saying, but I remember Nintendo dropping surprises out of nowhere that they never even hinted were coming (not often).

      Based on your message, you probably don’t like recent Nintendo hardware and won’t like the new stuff either. But I hope they shake things up a bit. Even if the Switch tanks, it will have fueled console/tablet/smartphone designers with some new ideas.

    • Gabriel Porto

      Yes, you’re right about disliking recent N hardware.

      Their concept is interesting, but come on… Fans are… fans. Other day I was checking a Youtube video that the guy was saying that some Foxconn employee leaked specs and the screen was 1080p. Just like I said, fans are fans. I don’t see Nintendo putting a 1080p screen and increasing the final price of the product. Other thing, there’s no special juice on Switch, at best it’s a X1 chip with improved TdP.

      It’s going to be interesting to see how devs will use ARM processor for AAA games. It was never done before without heavily sacrificing the visuals (check Doom 3, low poly, low textures).

    • Kalloran Castalia

      You nailed it- the guy on Youtube is deluding himself. Why do visual fidelity and power take a back seat at Nintendo anyway? They’re likely not getting the big 3rd party games this gen, either.

    • Gabriel Porto

      Yes, that is going to be a huge problem for them. Again.

    • Hans Olo

      Im with him on this I disagree with Nintendon’t Hardware too!

    • Hans Olo

      Gee thanks Gabriel you mean they havent shown Uncle Fester taking a dump on the toilet? And that the Switch has a Toilet paper holder on back?
      Nah ill pass on this piece of crap, not interested in a portable.

  • Hans Olo

    Look everyone the breaking new feature for the switch is an accessory called TP Joy con Attachment. It plugs into the back of the switch and holds one toilet paper roll.

    Have fun, take a dump and play!
    ……………………………………………….Talk about a bum deal!
    Oh PS – They come in blue and pink and a special edition golden Zelda roll complete with amiibo, but comes with warning not to use amiibo near toilet in case of falling in.


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