No Man’s Sky Hurt Us, Says Developer Of Upcoming Space Sim

Marketing a space sim in a post-No Man’s Sky world.

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No Man's Sky

Whether or not No Man’s Sky lived up to the hype or not is a debatable matter- but the general consensus around the game is that it failed to live up to the vision that was promised by the developers in the lead up to its launch. No Man’s Sky turned out to be a highly disappointing, for most people, space sim game- and the backlash to it may have potentially poisoned the well for other games of its ilk to come, too.

Speaking to Eurogamer in an interview, Jean-Christophe Baillie, developer of the upcoming shared world space game Dual Universe, said that No Man’s Sky‘s poorer reception may end up hurting his own game.

No Man’s Sky has hurt us, very clearly,”Baillie said. “This is a post-No Man’s Sky era. People cannot do the same thing. There’s a huge amount of distrust in the community. As you know we’re doing a Kickstarter, and half of the comments are like this is just No Man’s Sky all over again. We’re struggling. We’re not quite there yet because of that. Our statement is we totally understand what’s going on, and our policy is to be totally transparent.

“We’re not saying anything that is not true. We’re stating the facts. We have this technology, but it’s going to be released at the end of 2018. There’s all sorts of bad news, and we’re saying it! And we have these questions from the community, and we want to answer all of them. We want to be absolutely transparent.

“The game’s not yet here, so there’s a risk – there’s the risk that we can’t deliver, there are all sorts of risks – but there’s the risk that it’s this great game that is innovating and bringing something new. What we want to say to the community is don’t throw everything into the No Man’s Sky thing. You have to increase your level of demand, on which you’re be able to base your decision to back the game. If you say no all the time, we won’t be able to innovate. There’s an age of maturity that is approaching, people are realizing they have to be careful about what they support, they shouldn’t take words for granted. We’re okay with that, and we want to be transparent and open.”

This is definitely something to consider- given just how No Man’s Sky promised the world and failed to deliver, people will definitely be cautious and wary of other games that make promises of this nature- especially when the game in question resembles No Man’s Sky in its setting and mechanics so much. No Man’s Sky is currently out on PC and PS4. Dual Universe will launch on PC.

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  • Cee Cee

    If Jean-Christophe Baillie were reading this, I’d tell him, “NMS didn’t hurt you. The vocal minority of trolls and troll-wannabes who whine, snivel, and rant (rather than be positive and constructive) are hurting you. Your beef is not with NMS developers. It’s with trolls. Get clear about that.”

    • Fran Couz

      The main problem with DU as I see it for now, is its almost $20 monthly fee. I would say a bad decision to announce this early in development, combined with the fact that they won’t create almost any content for the game themselves. The technology they showcased seems to be great, but not much of a game or distinctive features for now.

  • Gustav Petrovic

    Love No Man’s Sky and still playing it almost every day. Sure it’s not quite as cool as they promised, but way cooler than anything like it available on PS4. I’m sure they made craploads of money on it as well. If everyone working on a project takes their cues from the troll community we may just as well just shut down all art and business. How can on one hand so many have such outlandishly high expectations, and on the other hand tens of millions will vote for Donald Trump? It gives me a headache trying to bridge that intellectual chasm.

    • Fran Couz

      The main problem is, it is not as cool as the handcrafted planet and gameplay they showed. Not much to do with promises. The same with the handcrafted screenshots that do not represent the final version at all. The procedural generator itself is not that bad, however, still broken and buggy and not really very impressive. The repurposed gameplay of Out There Omega slapped on doesn’t really help the game IMO. They have a good start for the game, but seems to be some pre-alpha tech for now, rather than a game worth sixty bucks.

  • Michael Harris

    No Man’s Sky, the game that modeled Animal Crackers

  • Mr Xrat

    Space sims are crap in general. Let MS hoover them all up and sell them unfinished to idiotic Xgimps.

  • Gobias Industries

    Buying NMS will be my last pre order! I think it’s great some people are enjoying it, it’s just not for me and or how I was sold on it. I find the game overly repetitive and uninteresting. I don’t think I ever died in the 50 hrs I wasted on searching for something I found personally interesting. If this game had delivered on half the proclaimed features it would have been a huge success.

  • Mysterio! BOOGAH BOOGAH

    yeah well I will never pre order a game again. nms was just what I needed to teach me that.


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