No Man’s Sky On PS4 And PC Rumored To Be Having Pretty Severe Technical Issues

The release date getting pushed back makes more sense now.

Posted By | On 30th, Oct. 2015 Under News

No Man's Sky

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the much anticipated No Man’s Sky would not be releasing in 2015 after all. On the bright side, after over a year of wondering when Hello Games would actually set a release date, we finally got one. The developer says they will be going to market with their space odyssey in June of 2016.

Still, for most of the early part of 2015, the developer had been claiming they would eventually be getting their title into gamers’ hands this year. It wasn’t until recently when people really started realizing that it likely wasn’t coming before 2016 after all. While Hello Games has always kept information about where they are when it comes to development, some interesting details slipped out this week that might explain just why it’s taken so long to release this game.

On the latest episode of the Podquisition, Laura K. Buzz of Destructoid talked a bit about what she had been hearing in regards to the game and none of it has been very good lately. She said Hello Games is having a heck of a problem getting the game to run on a PS4. There have been so many problems, as a matter of fact, that when Sony showed off it’s press conference demo, that demo was running on  a PC. The company has also had problems getting the right optimisation on the PC and running at the scale they would like the game to run at. Finally, the problems have become so severe, they had to cancel an appearance at a recent UK gaming event.

Here’s hoping the company will have enough time to get everything ironed out by next June. If they can’t, No Man’s Sky could end up becoming the most impressive looking game no one has ever gotten to play.

Thanks, Neogaf.

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  • always online drm crap gives you problems always….

    • XbotMK1

      The only company that tried to fk everyone with allways online DRM on consoles is Microsoft.

    • Rodney Patrick

      No one asked that but you just had say that right???? And you’re on here trying to act like you’re not a Sony fangirl LMAO……yeah okay

    • oh yeah and even worse is sony that now are doing it behind your backs, at least ms was honest about it. ms have redeemed them self sony is getting more arrogance and greedy.

    • Peggy Higginbotham


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  • XbotMK1

    Laura could just be a lying PC fangirl. lol

    I imagine the scope of the game might be what is causing issues but I’m confident it’ll be fixed in time for launch. Looking forward to this game regardless.

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