No Man’s Sky PC Requirements Revealed, Horizon Omega Ship Offered As Pre-Order Bonus

The game won’t be a huge drain on your computer as long as you have enough RAM.

Posted By | On 04th, Mar. 2016 Under News

Why No Man's Sky

The long wait for No Man’s Sky is finally winding down. After what feels like years of just wanting to know when the title was going to release, we’re now just months away from having the game in our hands. We’ve known for a while the title was finally coming in June and now it looks like it will be launching on June 21. GOG and Steam are preparing for the release of No Man’s Sky by finally offering up pre-orders for the PC  versions packed with a couple of little goodies. Because the companies are offering the ability to purchase the game, developer Hello Games has gone ahead and released the hardware requirements in order to play the game.

It doesn’t appear to be a game that pulls a ton of processing power, but there is a decent demand for RAM. This particular game requires 8 GB RAM. The good news for people who might have some storage, but no where near the best graphics card is that it appears this game will be able to run with one that isn’t the most expensive or best running card. Check out the full requirements below. No Man’s Sky is launching on the PC and PS4 on June 21, 2016 barring any more delays. If you buy the PC version from GOG you’ll be able to get the Horizon Omega ship as a bonus.


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia GTX 480
  • Storage: 10 GB available space

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  • Truth™

    Low PC requirements and it still manages to run sub-1080P and attrocious framerate on PS4.

    The crying from Sonycucks when this comes out will be legendary

    • Source or you’re full of crap. Most I saw was some random internet rumor last Fall.

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    • Truth™

      Trailer is full of framerate drops and runs at 900P. Meanwhile the game is speced for an intel i3 on Steam.

      Keep crying

    • Trailers can be rendered and run fine under any window. No flaws would be visible from that at all, and not a shred of hands on play reviews backs up this very old rumor. Your argument is toothless… or should I say “truthless.” A number of google searches on my part has yet to find anything of substance to back up that claim.

      The way to prove you’re not full of crap is to provide evidence. You’ll even get an apology from me.

  • Tjade001

    You can also get the Horizon Omega ship by buying from steam as well.


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