Phil Spencer: I’m Not Mad At Bungie

Spencer’s not mad at Bungie for aligning with PlayStation for Destiny.

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Although Bungie’s newest title, the highly anticipated MMO shooter Destiny, is coming to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well, you simply wouldn’t know it by the game’s marketing. Not only is there heavy co-branding with PlayStation, but the game, as well as its developers, have also been favoring PlayStation heavily, with exclusive content for the PS3 and PS4, as well as even an exclusive beta (and alpha!) for the PlayStation consoles- all stuff that the Xbox consoles miss out on.

When Phil Spencer was asked on his Twitter how he felt about Bungie ‘defecting’ to PlayStation, whether he was mad about them aligning themselves with PlayStation (remember, Bungie are the guys who brought us Halo on the original Xbox and Xbox 360), his response was an emphatic, ‘No, not at all. Just want them to build a great game.’

Technically speaking, Spencer probably knows there isn’t much he can be mad at Bungie about- his systems are still getting the game, after all (unlike Nintendo, or even PC), and sure, while PlayStation gets exclusive content, so does Xbox for a whole lot of other games. At some level, this just represents business, it’s nothing personal.

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  • d0x360

    I believe it was a giantbomb live e3 recap video but someone from by Bungie hinted that the exclusive content is timed exclusive. Even if it isn’t its not like we are talking substantial content anyways.

    Even If it were say 20 hours worth of amazing content why would he be mad at Bungie? It would have been Activision who made that deal.

    Microsoft let Bungie go. They knew it was because the studio wanted to grow bigger and make multi platform games. If microsoft were as evil as people like to say Bungie would still be a first party studio. They let them go which is unheard of really and born from that is destiny which is going to be fantastic regardless of platform.

    • Not_true

      Pretty sure it’s all timed.

    • d0x360

      that’s…exactly what I said


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