Project CARS PS4 Using 99% of CPU Cores And 95% GPU, New Tracks, Wii U Version Details And More

Studio boss Ian Bell on upcoming fixes, new tracks and more for Project CARS.

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Project CARS is one of the best racing game you will play this generation. However its launch has been marred by performance issues across the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Regdarless, the developer Slightly Mad Studios are working around the clock the fix them.

Ian Bell who is the head of Slightly Mad Studios has revealed that a number of updates are in the works. Speaking on the game’s official forums, Bell stated that the track cutting should be much improved” in the next patch. He also confirmed and teased that historic tracks and two new tracks might possibly come to the game. For players who are facing troubles in finding other gamers to play the game, Bell has assured that they are looking into this, although he does believe that opening up regional restrictions will only make matters worse.

Bell also followed up on his recent statements on the Wii U version which is currently struggling to reach 30 fps at 720p. Bell revealed that they are not allowed to release a game that is running below 30FPS, but finding that extra 25% frame time is currently looking impossible. To give an example, Bell stated that the new tyre model alone is using two cores on the PS4 and Xbox One and the Wii U version only has 2 cores available from the start up.

Regarding the PS4 version, Bell revealed that they are pushing every core of the PS4 to 99%+ under heavy load along with GPU at 95%. Regardless, they will try and keep optimizing the PS4 version.

And finally, Bell stated that the game is selling well everywhere, beating their expectations.

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  • Fweds

    Ian Bell who is the head of Slightly Mad Studios was asked

    “With Directx 12 round the corner, could this be upgraded with that in mind? Would it make any difference?”

    “With DX12 the Xbox will perform extremely well for us.”

    “Oh yes Our engine loves it also.”

  • Jason Mounce

    Well, that doesn’t mean anything since Driveclub looks better on PS4 and the Driveclub devs say that they’ve not tapped into everything XD

    This means they don’t know diddly shat with Optimization.

    • Fweds

      Drive club is a simple closed circuit non official tracks racer that only runs at 30 fps and has No tuning etc, a very basic arcade game.

      Totally different.

    • andy

      You left out that rain effects in Project Cars are from the PS2 era and Driveclub’s are truly 100% next gen and STUNNING looking among MANY aspects of the tech going on in the game every second.
      Oh and the fact that it looks lifelike at times, like you said, totally different ^_^

    • kreator

      You are truly a dumbass!

    • Darren

      PS2 Era.

      BAAHHAA.. The Rain and weather implementation is Stunning.

    • XbotMK1

      Nope, nice try.

      Project Cars is also a closed circuit racer.
      Project Cars drops to 30 fps even with the same amount of cars on the track as Driveclub.
      The tuning has nothing to do with visuals or performance.
      Arcade vs Sim doesn’t matter.

      They’re both very similar games and Driveclub destroys Project Cars.

      Project Cars is a 3rd party cross platform game therefore it’s not going to loo as good or run as well a a first party exclusive. Using a 95% number is missleading because it doesn’t matter if you use 100% of the GPU if you use a cr*p API and don’t code to the metal. Project Cars is not optimized as well as Driveclub.

    • Fweds

      Project cars PS4

      84/100 User score of 7.4/10

      Drive club

      71/100 User score of 5.9/10 LOL.

      Drive club is amongst the lowest scoring exclusive driving games ever, it can’t even outdo most multi format driving games !, dull game play will always have that effect.

    • Mike

      And if anyone goes and plays it now versus when it released, it will get a much higher score. Keep living by review scores, you’re missing out on some great game dude.

    • Chris

      In the age of fan boys and console wars, metacritic user scores are pointless.

      What you is impossible to tell from all these scores is how much love and goodwill the devs earnt by the level of post release support and improvement they made to the game.

      As it stands it’s one of the BEST EVER arcade racing games released. Period.

    • Utedude

      you going on about metacritic ratings and exclusives may want to see this… X1 has many worse ones and far fewer games.

    • kreator

      You don’t know either huh?!

    • Starman

      There isn’t any optimizing on PS4 , raw power out of the box and that’s it …running /developing all through GPU …not good all dev’s say little to no optimization on PS4 you must be a Sony employee…

    • Jason Mounce

      I don’t even think I need to dirty my hands by trying to have an intellectual debate and putting effort into telling you how silly and wrong you are. I’ll let others do it, or just permit you to continue parading in ignorance for the entertainment of others 😮

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      30FPS LOL

    • Jason Mounce

      I forgot Frames Per Second was the foundation of what made or broke a game. Silly me 🙂

      Driveclub from what I’ve seen even at 30FPS has smooth gameplay, so, needless of what you say it makes it more or less funny that Project Cars has trouble trumping a game on ‘Locked Hardware’ such as that on Consoles whereas PC has limitless options yet still somehow has trouble besting it in terms of visual prowess. So, why the salt?

      Especially where the result of 1080p/60FPS on consoles leads to such games as Forza 5 where it looks like a game made on the Xbox 360 too.

      It’s simply clear that the devs behind Driveclub have more experience at coding and are better at optimizing, Project Cars will be forgotten in no time, give it a year or less, you people will move on as if it never happened.

    • Dangerously

      You obviously do not know anything about game engines. Driveclub is using an in house game engine developed by Evolution Studios. This engine is a single platform engine. Single platform engines generally perform better as they are optimized for one machine… But Driveclub still falls short of being optimized. Going over 30fps causes the game to stutter and even lockup. This is why it is locked at 30fps (though they will never admit it). Do you know the CPU utilization for Driveclub? They have not released the info. If they claim the engine is scalable over time, then why is it still stuck at 30fps? Still not available to PS+ members due to potential game server issues???

      Project Cars also uses an in house engine (MADNESS Engine). This is a multi-platform engine. These engines tend have more issues on launch. This is primarily due program routines causing problems on another platform. Take ID’s last engine. When RAGE was released, there was texture pop in and a slew of other problems on both consoles (and a few PCs). I’m not saying this is the case with the MADNESS Engine, but multi-platform engines will never be fully optimized without causing issues somewhere else . In the case of the high CPU and GPU utilization, it comes down to the physics engine. Real world VS. programmed physics. Real world physics will tax the CPU and GPU, and MADNESS uses a lot of physics compared to Driveclub.

      For graphics, it is up to the amount of memory left and the developer’s interpretation. More memory = the potential to have larger and better looking textures. One will give raindrops on the camera, the other will streak the drops. Some say the drops look realistic, I say “sure if the car is standing still”. I have raced cars in the past and I rarely used wipers in light rain if I was in the lead. The raindrops would normally be pushed up and off the windshield (also, they are not uniform drops when they hit, they more or less “splat”). I have not seen a game depict this properly. Project Cars tries but still fails.

      I prefer Project Cars for the physics. The cars feel more realistic. Driveclub can keep its graphics and low fps.

    • MADNESS is designed around DX11 and DX12 versus a true broad API like Unreal which large corps pay for platform specific tuning by the api’s developer.

      Still excited about DX12 for Win10 :S

  • Starman

    “99% CPU cores 95% GPU”
    And that’s all you got … this is the all mighty ? lol what a joke .


      And you’re here for what? Build a PC guy……..

    • Poor PS Poor people

      Just more weakness to add to the pile, like the USF4 port. Poor pau pers.

    • Fanboy. They built the game around DX. Of course it will run better on XBO. This is more about a coding choice and not machines. Derp.

    • Poor PS Poor people

      Cry some more.

    • Not crying. Both machines are great. Just optimized code is very important, especially to take advantage of system specific things. (like I would love to have a classic style Monster Hunter on XBO where you stream into the machine to generate random monsters like the original PS1 version, but developers are pretty.. dumb. haha. Hope Capcom sees this 😉 )

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    And yet still has framedrops and is only medium settings

    A “Supercharged” PC they said

    • kreator

      Is it running with a DX12 patch yet idiot?

    • Fweds

      I think he is actually talking about the PS4 and the headline, lol.

    • Mark

      Dude, the guy below u responded with “Is it running with a DX12 patch yet u idiot” lmao! Man the PS4 uses gnm. Man I can’t stop laughing. Perhaps I’m missing sumthin. These guys r so salty over this article. Good. Serves them the cold plate of food they serve to all Xbox articles……PS4 is powerful? Nah, and this is way too funny.

  • Cenk Algu

    If they use all of the cores at %99 (if it is true) then they must be bottlenecked by GDDR5 Ram types because it is slowing down the data transfer between CPU and GPU due to terrible latency.May be they should go with GPGPU commands or some ACE if they can or if the API and game engine allows it.

    • kreator

      That’s just it!

    • Jecht_Sin

      So if I make an endless loop not writing any data it is a RAM fault that the CPU goes 100%? Sure you must know a lot about Computer Science!

    • latency? The Ram Processor and GPU have an open interconnect. If there’s issues it’s the fact they coded it more for DX than an API that would work efficiently on both machines. This isn’t a sign of a a better proc (which the XBO is a flat proc speed while ps4 has a lower base but can burst) or gpu but the fact the Developer knows more than DX than other API. Also designing around DX they probably didn’t use the processors full potential. It’s all about their poor coding and their trying to blame the machine.

  • andy

    We’ve already seen what the likes of Uncharted 4 looks like on the PS4
    and we know they still haven’t tapped all its power yet. I’m not
    inclined to believe this dev that hasn’t made anything close to a masterpiece before.

    So is Xbone being maxed out or is the sky the limit with that console? Or can they use the extra horsepower (that I’m sure you will assure us exists in your next article yet again lol) of the console to barely MATCH the resolution, frame rate and graphical details of the PS4 version? Or with da cloudz or Directx 12 can they bump the resolution to standard 1080p and a more fixed framerate???
    Will they be using da cloudz to boost the resolution of Crackdown 3 from an awful 720p to a meager 900p (unless they want to bring the game to an ancient engine like Unreal 3 where they can easily achieve 900p but the game won’t look impressive or have amazing tech then)?

    • JuniorSophitia

      Well, all I can do is point you to recent comments from the pCars game director on the framerate/DX12 improvements coming to Xb1 via DX12.

      “With DX12 the Xbox will perform extremely well for us. With the upcoming imminent patches it’s already much better”.

      This was discussed on the official pCars forums. So it would seems that XB1 owners can also look forward to some notable improvements. Granted it will need some effort from SMS to update their engine to work with DX12, put the potential in there.

    • Cenk Algu

      ” console to barely MATCH the resolution, frame rate and graphical details of the PS4 version” You are living a pipe dream.We see what happens when the devs properly use the power of XO like Ryse,FMS5,FH2,SSO,Halo5.Keep dreaming boy,you are going good.

    • stig781

      We see it is still not as good as the PS4.

  • XbotMK1

    I’m not sure why you Xbox fan boys are celebrateing about. What is really funny is that Project Cars uses the 7th core on the Xbox One and the Xbox One version is still worse. Slightly Mad studios may have taken advantage of 95% using a worse API and that doesn’t mean they used that 95% efficiently by optimizing the game code or by using a better API. So that 95% number doesn’t give an accurate evaluation to the hardware potential or the game’s potential performance. 3rd party games usually don’t take full advantage of the consoles. Just look at Driveclub vs Project Cars.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Very true. All of the games that come out the xbox is worse what are you talking about. GTA V prime example. The witcher 3 prime example. Xbox one lag is horrible. I sold mine because of it. The system is slow in downloading. I can go on.

    • Fweds

      The Witcher on both consoles has stutter and framerate drops.
      Everyone on the planet knows this except for you it seems.

    • Matt

      Who has a 16Tb anything?

    • Fweds

      The Xbox One can take up to Two USB 3 hardrives up to 16 Terabyte in size, you also keep the internal drive space as well as that does not have to be removed.

      USB 3 is for games, for media it doesn’t have to be USB 3 it can also be USB 2 drives.

    • Chris

      This is why being a fan boy of anything is bad.

      Very clearly this generation the ps4 is so much the console to own, faster in all games, a whole resolution higher in most games, and a really good bang for buck subscription.

      But noooo, just as Sony fanboys did last gen, this gen the xbox fanboys will rant and rail against the world, and make a purchase based on nothing but their dumass emotions without a clue.

      What’s that noise? That bleating sound… a world full of sheep.

    • kreator

      No, you was always a pony 🙂

    • Cenk Algu

      And that uber,hyper powerful PS4 has a special customized API directly dedicated to hardware while XO having serious issues with it according to very respectful devs.So you are wrong once again lol!!!

      I call this being hunted when going to hunt.

  • Hiya_tiger

    why don’t they make pCars on Wii U a lower rez than 720p?

    • Matt

      because it’s 2015

    • Dangerously

      I believe 720p @ 30fps is a minimum requirement by Nintendo for WiiU titles, not just 30fps as stated in the article. Wii games play at 480p so if your TV displays 480p, make sure you are not playing a Wii game.

    • its also not GPU only issue. pCARS is very CPU intensive. The Tire model alone pretty much maxes out the CPU on the WiiU.

    • because it’s the 1080epeen generation :

  • Triton
    • Triton


    • Alex

      xbox fanboy

    • Matt


    • Triton

      And you like your own comments.

    • Alex

      Because I like my own comments :/
      At least I don’t get swayed by advertising propaganda and think that one platform is better than the other solely based on brand and flashing logos even though there is a veritable cornucopia of features and specifications in which it is crushed by a similar offering

    • Jecht_Sin

      Yeah… It won’t ever happen to the XBone. Not enough power to dissipate.. Unless the eSRAM will fry if they manage to use it. lol

  • Valkyrine

    Last thing I need is my PS4 burning out. I’ll pass until they optimize it some more.

    • Dangerously

      High CPU utilization will not kill your system, the heat generated from it should be your only concern. If you keep your PS4 properly ventilated, the game will do no harm.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Computer systems are designed to run at 100% CPU. As long as the refrigeration/ventilation system is adequate there is nothing to worry about. My old laptop reached up to 90 degrees at 100% CPU because my fan was a bit faulty. But it never shut down in 8 years.

  • Darren

    I run min 90fps on Triples on High on PC no Probs and looks Superb.
    too many Xbox fanboys.

    • Fweds

      No yours is good news for Xbox One owners as Phil Spencer has already announced they are working on streaming from PC to Xbox One when windows 10 is intergrated into xbox one.

      Hopefully Directx 12 will give my mid range pc a boost for an even better streaming experience.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    Explains why it looks so much better on PS4 then it does on xbone.

    • Fweds

      Keep an eye out for any mass upvote’s from Upvote bot, or has Discus fixed this now ?.

  • mesndblues

    This game runs fine. No problems. A little buggy, but not enough to bother me. Fun with a thrust,aster wheel too. Heck, I want my games to be straining the bounds of its system and keep chugging along on my ps4…years ago I only had a pc, pert near went broke trying to keep hardware and so forth up with the demands of new games.. Sure am glad I don’t have to “build” my ps4..

  • Pavement ApeHunter

    That’s what you get for using gutless tablet cores & an obsolete video card.

    • obsolete? You mean the PS4’s 7870 related GPU chipset vs the XBO’s 7770 related chipset?

      Also they use the same 8core cpu. The PS4 has an ARM proc to handle OS, communication and basic handoffs with a dedicated 256MB of ram.

      I hate Ballmer had to grub the XBO to be a set top box. Wish they fired him before XBO development started.

  • Tsijiari

    Is not impossible, they already mentioned they can but needs time and effort, not sure if they are trying to sue wii u spicific features for this(fixed fucntion maybe) but there are easier solutions than that

    1.-Occlusion culling and frutrum culling to reduce the numebr of draw calls from cpu to gpu relieving lots of strain if well used

    here is a developer who is using this solution

    There is also the option of batching for reducing draw calls on cpu as well

    and as a last resort they can put a dynamic frame buffer so that resolution will change instead of the frame rate during gameplay, just what sony did on Wipe Out HD to keep 60fps at variable 1080p(there where drops as low as 1280x1080p)


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