PS4 GPU Encourages Complex Compute Operations, Choice of Memory Keeps It From Becoming Obsolete: Final Horizon Dev

“It will be a while before engine coders will work out how to really push its capabilities.”

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Final Horizon

Final Horizon is an extraterrestrial real time strategy game under development at Eiconic Games. The game is being developed for the PlayStation Vita and Sony’s next generation console, the PlayStation 4. We recently had an opportunity to have a chat with David Pollard who is the director and programmer at the company to ask him about their experience working with the PlayStation 4 and what they liked about it.

Much is being made out of the 8GB GDDR5 RAM memory on the PlayStation 4. As technology advances, we asked whether this little choice by Sony will make sure that the PS4 will not become obsolete in the next few years, to which he replied:

“There’s a few interesting things about the PS4 that should keep it from becoming obsolete too soon, as well as the choice of memory. For example, the way the GPU is set up to encourage it’s use not only in the traditional way of drawing stuff on the screen, but also as a resource to do complex calculations, means that much like the PS3 before it, it will be a while before engine coders will work out how to really push its capabilities.”

We also asked him whether they are going to use the much praised touch pad functionality of the DualShock 4 and he confirmed to us that this is something that they are currently looking into.

“We still need to prototype a few ideas, one of which is to see what it’s like using the touchpad to control a mouse-like pointer for selecting towers, etc. It’s quite nice on the Vita being able to use the touch screen to tap select things. One of the things we’re doing is giving the player a few different ways to control the game to suit different play styles,” he added.

Final Horizon was one of the many indie games announced at this year’s GamesCom. Stay tuned for more news and updates for all things Final Horizon.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Predictions have not always been right on the mark. I rather stay with what is, rather than what might be.

    • Megatonage

      Says another indie dev who doesn’t have AAA experience but talking like a AAA dev. Thanks to the ‘free’ ps4 devkit.

      Ryse would like to have a word with Mr. Pollard (who?)

    • RYSEat900p

      RYSE looks like pile of shit and runs at 900p

      even GOW3 looks better than RYSE

    • owin2k14

      hahhaw! chill out girl, you feel threatened it seems.

    • Jack Slater

      You’re right.
      All those romans or Greeks fighting.
      I couldn’t play that game knowing they all love sucking dicks.
      Kratos would smash marius tiny balls and dick using only 2 fingers.

      Great 85k polygon cut scenes, once the game starts and everything isn’t close anymore, it goes down to 20k polys.

      I now understand why microsoft didn’t call the xbox one xbox720. People would think that is the resolution of all the games. And actually, it is. Last one was call os duty at 720.
      Who’s next, at 720p?

      Who is smart enough to spend 500 bucks to try the new dashboard full of ad crap , and discover the colors of the rrod v2?

      I already laugh. Even Obama is asking people to run a grab a ps4.

      The guys at the NSA are going to laugh, when they’re gonna be spying people and watching live videos, and suddenly the rrod v2 comes up, freezes the system, and kinekt keeps sending video to them, and they can see the guy screaming, crying, raging. Lol

  • Slay

    The ps4 is obsolete. Xbox is coming to slaaay all of your favorites. Slaaayy hunty slayyyy. Yasss!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      take a chill pill, bro. neither console is out yet.

    • Slay’sCommentHistory

      I hope they don’t feel too alone on those shelves. Perhaps the (Kinect) can keep them company.

    • RYSEat900p

      you mean a GPU which has only 16 rops and 1.18 TFS …roughly half as powerful as PS4. Not to mention weak outdated DDR3 which runs at 1/3 the speed as GDDR5?

    • Jack Slater

      Don’t talk like that, he’s too young to understand all those numbers.
      Ask him about fap and pr0n movies, that, he understands.

    • Anthony Roberts


  • Axe99

    Great to see an RTS on PS4 early, here’s hoping it plays well, am looking forward to giving it a try :).

  • Guest

    Ah yes, more $0N¥ PauperStation Foul overhype that will underdeliver.


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