‘PS4 Hasn’t Been Nearly Around Long Enough To Have Its Uncharted 2, Let Alone Its The Last of Us’

Designer at Secret Lunch talks about the potential of PS4 and consoles in general.

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Before the launch of PlayStation 4, there was a lot of hype regarding its technical prowess. Some developers claimed it would outperform most PCs out there. Now that we have settled down into the current generation, do those claims still hold any value?

“I don’t see how any home console could ‘outperform most gaming PCs’ as PCs are constantly evolving,” Sam Gross, Designer at Secret Lunch said to GamingBolt. “We haven’t seen either Sony or Microsoft’s boxes pushed to their limits though, so there’s obviously more to be gotten out of them. I often prefer late-generation console games to their contemporaries on PC – the stage of a console’s life cycle where they really start wringing out all the power they can.”

“Even though people could argue that they’ve got lower fps, dpi, poly counts (all that boring stuff) they always look better to me; the PS4 hasn’t been around nearly long enough to have had its Uncharted 2, let alone its The Last of Us.”

Sam Gross makes some good points here. Some of the beest games on the PlayStation console were released couple of years after launch. Games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Heavy Rain were only possible after the developers got hold of the ins and outs of the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 4 already has Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886 due next year. But will those games represent the full potential of PlayStation 4 is something that remains to be seen.

On a related note, Secret Lunch are currently working on Shu, a hand-drawn adventure game for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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  • Psionicinversion

    ps3 and xbox 360 were cutting edge technology, most PC’s couldnt outperform them for at least 2 years whereas now there low grade budget machines with standard PC architecture CPU and GPU wise. Dont really know why these people dont understand theres no power to give

    • Counterproductive

      Cutting edge PCs have never been outperformed by consoles in any way. Newer CPUs and video cards come out all the time, each more powerful than the last and usually prohibitively expensive at first. Which is why consoles’ components are *always* older technology that can be mass produced cheaply to provide the appropriate balance of power and price that a console needs to be successful. Not every consumer is willing to spend $1000 on a video card, or CPU, or RAM for far superior graphics than you’d get on a console. Some consumers want to plug a console into their television and play a game immediately for a reasonable price. It isn’t news that PCs will always be more powerful, but the PS4 is still the most powerful console currently available.

    • Psionicinversion

      no when ps3 and 360 were released compared to PC’s at the time they were cutting edge. This time compared to tech out at the time of release they are basically a budget build PC which most PC’s built in the last few years could easily be on par with or out perform. So true most people want a system they can just plug and play, these guys saying theres lots of untapped power left are extremely mistaken

    • Counterproductive

      I’m sorry but I am afraid that isn’t the case. PCs at the time were still far more advanced, with faster CPUs, and video cards that had the capacity for significantly more memory, capable of producing higher resolutions and frame rates. They were also significantly more expensive than the consoles available, for obvious reasons.

      As for your second statement, if you look at the difference between a launch PS3 title like Genji and compare it to the visuals on The Last of Us, you’ll see that there’s a lot of room left for growth. Even moreso now with the PS4’s memory and architecture.

    • Psionicinversion

      wrong… it took a long time for devs to learn the cell architecture and to learn the powerpc architecture of the 360. Also they were fairly new to multithreading so took a while to get the most out of that. Also the cell is more powerful or nearly as powerful as the cpu in these consoles

      This time its straight up x86 architecture and GCN. They know how to multithread, the x86 architecture is much simpler to get most out of same as GCN as drivers and tools and SDK’s for the architecture are mature for it so not much increase in power available im afraid.

      The consoles will be constantly maxed out, they can improve the tools but whilst youve got games out that need a 780 to max you can optimise that tool/SDK all you want but it will NEVER have enough power to out do that and so will constantly be maxed. That extra bit of tool optimisation probably allows for a bit further draw distance or 1 higher detail setting somewhere.

      You think its some massively powerful machine with lots left but lets face it, it really isnt. It was funny when devs said there surprised that PS4 is more powerful than they thought. I bet they quietly changed that tune when they ran into all sorts of problems trying get games run stabily and when even a weak PC out do’s it.

      check this out i tried putting together a cheap build PC that would smash the consoles apart and ive done it


      basically £430 with OS, hook it up to a TV and your ready to rocknroll… of and 270x far far outperforms the ps4

      add £35 for win7 home off ebay, go all digital from cdkeyprices . com and consoles just bin decimated.

    • Counterproductive

      Which part of what I said was wrong? Because it really sounded like you just proved my point.

    • Psionicinversion

      both cpus are about the same power BUT its really weak for a modern processor to be as powerful as something designed basically 14 years ago. 8 years ago start of ps3 + additional maybe 6 years for cell to be designed. thats not very good at all.

      not really sure how PC’s were back then beuase ive gamed on PC for about 20 years but the turning point for me was when i got involved in the console war last year. I didnt care tbh but my mate loved his ps3 wanted ps4 so i decided to read up on them both so i could argue that the x1 was better. we had some right good arguements.

      For some reason after that i need the best gfx so i dunno why; ive always gone for like the mid-high end… i.e. 280x after that you got 290 then 290x so i spose 280x is highish end.

      But now i want a 390x in feb/march about time it should be released. dunno why maybe i need to properly unleash the power of my i7 950 (technically a 7 year old processor from when it was released) and still crushes the consoles. But yeah next PC in 2 years going be intel or amd zen 6/8 core (12/16 thread CPU) 😀

    • Counterproductive

      So what you’re saying is that PCs are always stronger than consoles. So again, what part am I wrong about?

    • Psionicinversion

      You know what your absolutely right I’m just a bit drink at more, and on battle Royale on SC :p looking forward to getting owned haha hg a

    • justerthought

      You are confusing cutting edge PC’s with the hardware that most PC gamers own. A console can never match a cutting edge PC because it wins through pure brute force. Only about 5% of PC gamers are cutting edge according to a Steam survey of their customers.

    • Counterproductive

      Not disputing that. The original post that I was responding to was asserting that the Xbox 360 / PS3 were more powerful than PCs at the time of their release.

  • Mark

    Boy, soon as I saw this headline, I knew people would get to commenting lol

  • justerthought

    The PS4 does out perform most gaming PC’s because not all of them are cutting edge PC rigs. That will continue until those PC gamer lash out some money and upgrade.


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