PS4 Will See Fewer 3rd Party Exclusives Due To Economic Conditions: Michael Pachter

‘Expect to see more multiplatform games from studios like Insomniac.’

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About a decade ago, during the PlayStation One era, Sony got solid support for the system. Many franchises like Metal Gear Solid were born on the original PlayStation. This trend continued during the PlayStation 2 era where again several publishers like Square Enix, Capcom and Konami released a ton of third party exclusive games on the system.

Ever since the dawn of seventh generation of consoles, Sony found a capable rival in the form of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The original Xbox did not perform well, having sold just above a million in Japan and that too after several years. But Microsoft learned their lessons with the Xbox 360 and many Sony third party exclusives eventually went multiplatform.

The future is just under a week away.

It seems that this trend will continue in the eight generation, according to Michael Patcher.

“Sony has always received full support from third parties making multiplatform games, and I expect this to continue. They have had less support from third parties with exclusive content, and have had to buy the developers to keep games exclusive. I expect to see fewer exclusives next generation, as the economics don’t really make sense, and expect to see more multiplatform games from studios like Insomniac, who historically have made Sony exclusives,” he said to DigitallyDownloaded.

It will be interesting to see whether this turns out to be true. But he does make a valid point. Publishers will try and bring their games to as many capable platforms as possible.

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  • SirCrush

    It makes sense. I am, frankly, surprised that Sony was able to keep MANY of their third party studios exclusive…Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Guerrilla…hell I had just assumed that Sony owned these developers. If they don’t, I’d be interested to see what their contract structure looks like. Sure, the 3rd party exclusives are BOUND to shrink in number. They have every generation (alllllll the way back to the Atari days) so it’s not a huge gamble making that statement anyways lol I would venture to say that the quality of those exclusives has increased immensely compared to the vast majority of multi-platform games though so even those “big 3” keeping to the Sony side could still be a huge advantage in the long run.

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