Sony’s Andrew House Discusses the Shift to Digital on PS4

‘This is the digital era.’

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This generation of consoles and handhelds marks the first time that each system has come in built with a digital infrastructure, as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have all begun to push digital sales of games through their respective storefronts. They’ve each seen success at it too, in spite of so many enthusiasts pushing back against the onslaught of digital.

Speaking during his presentation for the Electronics Investor Relations Day 2015, ony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House talked about the current shift from physical to digital game purchases, which is among the factors that, he believes, is encouraging a migration from the PS3 to the PS4.

“This is a digital era, and core users who are core digital native will move to PS4 from PS3 because it has better network features, and that has an impact on PS3 sales.

“I’d like to add about profit and cost, that when I buy downloadable Dragon Quest, it’s faster, we can get it earlier, and it’s gonna be actually fun, so people are moving from packaged to downloadable purchases.”

He also discussed how this new dynamic would impact profits:

“Yes, it will have an impact on higher profits, but each region has a different situation regarding users. Of course, in terms of streaming, the US is the most advanced, and there’s an accelerating shift to streaming from physical packaged (purchases), but other regions are different. There is a shift, but the pace of shifting is different depending on the region.”

Even though I will always remain a sucker for physical games, I have to admit that digital games have their charm- simply put, their sheer convenience cannot be overstated. While I have no hard and fast rule about purchasing (or not) digital games, it appears that, much like with the music industry a decade ago, the digital era is finally dawning for video games.

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  • justerthought

    Digital downloads have no future. The games only last as long as the infrastructure supporting them. After that you loose the content that you paid for. Digital will never work until we have internal hard drives capable of storing every game we download for the console during its whole lifespan.

    Right now we have a small hard drive that requires games to be deleted to make way for new ones. If you decide to replay a game in the future that you deleted, you will eventually find that the game is longer on the server or the whole service has been closed down. Consumers require their own backup of the game content. That backup is the blu-ray disc.

    • Psionicinversion

      unless you have a PC where you can pretty much still get any game 😀

  • efnet

    Sure does sound like a totally diffrent story from thir e3 reveal of the ps4 …

  • DeadChime

    I like digital download. BUT I don’t like the idea being a captive customer with one single publisher. It’s not MP3 that I can carry over to ALL my devices. There is no backward compatibility, when we leave a generation for a new one, it’s like ditching all the library…. No more REAL competition. Price drop will be then less “useful” for publishers… Eventually, I don’t like All digital

    • DeadChime

      Oh, and you can’t sell it or ask for a refund/exchange…

    • Mark

      Yeah but when u trade that game in to Gamestop or GAME (UK), they take that disc, give u half or less, then resell it for almost full price, and give nothing back to the studios who made it. Look around man, even Konami’s possibly leaving the console business now.

      Also, on X1 & PS4 (I believe) we can share digital games with friends. Me n ma brother do it, back n forth. Saves us lots of money. This is far from a black n white situation. But I respect ur opinion. I just differ here.

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