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Nintendo President to Halve Salary Following Dismal Profits

Other board members to take 20-30 percent in salary cuts as well.

Nintendo Wii U Sells 2.41 Million Units in 9 Months

Key titles sell 1 million each during Christmas.

Sony Rumored To Purchase Nintendo DRAM Manufacturing Plant

Will focus on increasing production of smartphone sensors.

Nintendo Shoots Down Reports That It Is Contemplating Putting Minigames and Demos on Smartphones

To play Nintendo games, you still must own Nintendo hardware.

Bravely Default Gameplay Trailer Hypes Up Gameplay Mechanics

With more than a week to go before its North American release.

Nintendo Denies Plans for Mobile Platform Content

Sorry, mobile users.

Dr. Luigi Review

Bad prescription, doctor.

Nintendo Announcing Dedicated Mobile App on Thursday?

Nintendo is bringing its products to smartphones and tablets...sort of.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Trademarked in Europe

Final Fantasy the Musical Part 2 heading to Europe?

Former Sony Dev: Wii Was 100M Fad & May Not Be Repeated, Nintendo Have Done S**t Job Promoting Wii U

Kenny Linder talks about Nintendo selling a console that no one really wants.

Nintendo Stocks Bounce Back Following 18 Percent Drop

The Wii U developer's stock rose back up to $16.36 per share.

[Update] Watch Dogs Wii U Cancelled? GameStop Italy Offering Refunds on Pre-Orders

UK retailers still accepting pre-orders.

Yoshi’s New Island Release Date Confirmed For Europe

Europe gets it the same day as North America.

Dev: Wii U Comes off Badly When Compared Against PS4/XO, Porting Next-Gen Titles Just Doesn’t Work

A third party developer talks about the technological shortfalls of Nintendo's console.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Eliminates Edge-Camping

Say hello to having nowhere to hide.

Media Create Software Sales: Kirby Triple Deluxe Still on Top

This week's top 10 isn't much different from the prior week.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney GBA Trilogy Heading to 3DS

"Take that!" and so forth.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS Screenshot Teases Single-Player Levels

Platforming makes a return to Smash Bros.

Rune Factory 4′s European Release Cancelled

No way of playing the game in Europe now, unless you import a 3DS and the game. This is why you don't region l...

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