Tech Start-Up Absentia Claims To Deliver A Better VR Experience Than PlayStation VR And Oculus Rift

Tesseract solves the problem of “insufficient content” on VR.

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Tesseract VR headset

GamingBolt recently caught up with Absentia, a team of talented developers behind the Tesseract VR headset. Given that the market is slowly but surely getting over saturated with VR headsets from different manufactures across the world, what makes Tesseract different from the rest?

“We own four US patents for this technology. Our technology is far more different, efficient and promising than any other VR HMVs, even better than the biggies such as the PlayStation VR or anyone. Our head tracking tech is smooth as butter. Instead of one IMUs we use two, working in parallel at a high level of over clocking but we never put any kind of pressure on the GPU so this is why you can experience this on very low end PCs,” Shubham Mishra founder of Absentia said to GamingBolt.

“This has no bounding towards the CPU/GPU and I can play this on my Sony VAIO, so no bounding at all. This tech allows you to play any game out there such as The Witcher 3 or any game that will be released in the future. Anything that can be displayed on your PC can be used with this tech. Our own depth marking algorithms based on shading and textures convert the whole thing into 3D in a split side by side view. Everything is customizable right from the aspect ratio to the field of view…just about everything. The software amazingly supports 110fps but there is a hardware limitation of 90fps.”

Shubham believes that the main problem with any VR tech [such as Oculus or PlayStation VR] out there is the lack of content but with Tesseract, there is no such dependency since the tech adapts itself based on existing content. So unlike the PlayStation VR or Oculus Rift, content does not need to be developed for the headset. “The main problem with any HMVs is content. You can’t rely on people outside to develop content…you can’t push people to a higher extent to develop games for your platform. So what if I give you every game out there and what will do you do? You will try out every game.”

The development team also have plans for supporting PS4 and Xbox One but they are not ready yet.

“Yes, we have support for consoles as well. We have a separate hardware that attaches to the headset. We are not releasing it right now but we will do it in the next six months for the PS4 and Xbox One. However there is a slight technical problem with these consoles since their fps are low but we are still testing it out.”

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for Absentia in the coming months. These are obviously big claims and the gadget will require a heavy amount of marketing before it actually creates any sort of impact. Stay tuned for our full interview with Absentia in the coming days.

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  • Truth™

    Not like it’s hard to beat the 720P PSVR

    • Agent_Blade

      Your username is a joke all in itself.

    • Truth™

      Stay mad about your 720P VR and 900P console, peasant

    • legacy

      I hope you wash your hands before you started typing, we know what ya pc gamers be doing

    • kreator


    • Thomas Hughes

      1080P 60-120 FPS. Read it and weep. 🙂

    • Truth™

      720P 60FPS. LOL

  • omarcominyo

    A VR headset which works on all platforms would be a better choice for me personally

    • Savagefool

      Even if all it does is make you sick? I agree multiplatform would be cool, this Tesseract business looks terrible though.

    • omarcominyo

      You’ve got a point, too much 3D makes me dizzy so this would be worse

    • Savagefool

      Yeah same, the vr 3d isn’t bad though but it’s properly sickening if it’s not made for it. I’ve been using the dk2 for near on a year and sometimes it just sends my eyes weird. Crescent bay is much better but even still sometimes I can be like bleugh, hoping the cv1 gets rid of its completely!

  • jacksjus


    Sony doesn’t want that ish. However maybe MS can move in to secure, because this VR thing is going to be huge and MS has to remain relevant on that front.

    Also if both Sony and MS have a VR device we can expect multiplat games to support VR regularly.

  • Thomas Hughes

    This thing looks horrible. That alone will ruin it. PS VR is the only VR headset that doesn’t look completely ridiculous. It also offers the best frame rate, will will virtually eliminate motion sickness. I think I’ll stick with PS VR.

  • XbotMK1

    Just because you can use this headset with existing games by emulating the controls to work on the headset doesn’t mean it will be a better experience. Be very skeptical of these claims.

    • Truth™

      It’s not the PSVR 720P

  • Gary

    Lol tbh sounds like a load of self boasting bullcrap but let’s hope this turns out to be as good as it claims

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