Ten Games Which Had Useless Weapons

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A lot of guys out there have not doubt heard the timeless expression “size doesn’t matter.” If you’re a lady and happen to be very supportive of your respective fella, then you’ve probably wound up saying this to him yourself at some point along the line as well. Whilst it’s normally disregarded as a hollow ego boost, some games prove it with their weaponry. More often than not the big flashy guns are the least practical, and here are ten examples of this in action.
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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Red Rust

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Red Rust

Granted, the Red Rust isn't actually illustrated in this picture, but it shows Alucard as he should normally wield a sword. With the Red Rust great sword though, it's a no-go, with our hero failing to swing it at all most of the time on account of the blade's excessive weight. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it also does less damage than your fists. Piece of junk.

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  • Austin Taylor

    wow this was one shitty list, you guys were lazy enough to make half the list “any game etc.” If your gonna make a list, at least make it specific enough to a certain game. You didnt even include the goldeen pokeball in super smash brothers melee… smh

  • Stoked

    duke 3d had a dedicated melee. i agree with mike j, this is some kid writing about things they have no idea about.

  • Munkee

    Rocket launchers are better than grenade launchers? Really? Tell me, how would you bounce a rocket into an enemy cover spot? Around a corner, perhaps? Over an obstruction? You can’t? Well shit. Grenades bounce. Rockets don’t. That’s the real reason why they get put into games…

  • Ditto_Bird

    Just replayed Fall Out 3. The MIRV was a lot of fun, but I always saved beforehand to revert back. 😉 It blew me up too most of the time. Awesome from ten penny tower! Not very effective in bombarding Megaton though, had to go in and mop up A LOT afterwards. It was so nice splattering Moira and her sullen mercenary all over the place.


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