Ten Largest Worlds in Video Games

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Gone are the days when video games had small little ‘mario” kind of worlds. The introduction of 3D game play also meant that the environments had to be bigger and larger in size. Initially this trend was only restricted to well know role playing games, but later on, it also expanded to other genres like racing and sandbox.

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Today through this article we take a look at ten of the largest worlds in video games, followed by nine honourable mentions.

10. Star War Galaxies

Area: 200 sq mi

A Galaxy of 12 Planets and 12 Spaces..You Can Imagine how big it is.

Star War Galaxies launched with ten planets and each of those ten planets was approximately 200 sq mi in area. Later on two more planets were added via two expansion packs, which made the game even larger. In addition to the planets, there were also a total of twelve spaces which were equal to 3400 cubic meters each.

9. Burnout Paradise

Area: 200 sq mi

An absolutely huge area for car destruction and mayhem

Burnout Paradise is perhaps the first open sandbox game for the racing genre. Boasting a similar area as Star War Galaxies, the game took place in the fictional Paradise City. Race events simply took place by parking your vehicle besides any traffic signal. The maps were intelligently designed and were divided in to several districts, with each having their own distinct turn and twists.

8. True Crime Streets of LA

Area: 240 sq mi

Eventhough similar to GTA, this game had bigger maps than the gangster based game.

Once can say that this game, developed by Luxoflox, draw a lot of inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s just that you play as a cop in the game and not as a gangster like in GTA. The game takes place in a beautiful looking city of Los Angeles and the developers had actually recreated most of the city. Beverly Hills and Santa Monica had actual street names and highways.

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  • nxp

    eve online?

  • BoboTheHuman

    You forgot to put Minecraft at number one. It has 4,722,366,482,869,645 km squared.

  • richmoo

    wrong map for daggerfall that’s arena’s map…

  • Marc

    GGAAAAAAH my nerdy soul cries in pain at not seeing EverQuest on any of these largest game world list. seriously, you could spend you entire time from lvl 1 to 70 and never see any of the other 10 continents in the game, that’s how huge it is.

  • deadlyteacups

    star citizen is gonna be a right kick in the nuts for you lot after it comes out. 1 new star system every week for at least a year

  • Philip Barry

    Why is Daggerfall here when Arena was much much larger?

  • John

    No ARMA 3?

  • Natek Hořák Utek

    Dudes are you serious? The only biggest map is from KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM, you can use all the solar system!!! 😉

  • 00Jack00

    That map is from the first Elder Scrolls game, Arena. Daggerfall only covered High Rock, but did have a larger playable area than Arena.


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