Test Drive Unlimited 2 Launches With Game Breaking Bugs – Currently Offline

Posted By | On 12th, Feb. 2011 Under Industry News, News

Anyone who was looking forward to playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 upon its release February 8th, including me is out of luck for a bit.  The game was launched with a slew of different bugs, some of them being game breaking which can occur on all different platforms it was released on.  Some of the bugs include being stuck in a permanent loading screen, have your save file corrupted for no apparent reason, not loading you save file, cannot join friends games, the Lancia loads with purple wheels, Friends Filter on map does not show friends, lost money in Casino during outages, no accessory controls (Xbox Wheel) and more.

The good news is that Eden Games is working extremely hard to fix ALL these problems and has even taking network-reliant game components offline already just to get these problems fixed ASAP. Games developers and programmers have been pulled in from other projects with the Eden Games promising that “no one is going home until we get this working”. You can check the official forums for updates of how everything is going in fact they seem close to fixing the save corruption problem and a quick fix is to exit to the Xbox Dashboard immediately without clicking “Delete” or “Retry” but it is not a sure fix. All I can say is if your a racing fanatic, stick with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit until everything fixed with Test Drive Unlimited 2. You can also stay updated by following Eden Games Twitter Account.

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  • XMBeaner

    Ok so first, when this game launched I had no idea it was coming out and then boom it was all over the place. Secondly this shows how the ever mighty dollar controls game development. It was a better idea for them to release the game broken than to delay, fix and then release. It’s a sad day in gaming.

  • dh4645

    my bro in law bought this. he said it’s kinda lame after playing the new NFS.

    he also doesn’t have internet (unless he comes to my house), so he doesn’t really care much about online parts of the game.

  • rak33n

    this is a bad look for them it will probally cripple their sales

  • noxtics

    I was playing games on live the other day chatting with with some friends who bought this for 360 and the first night for this game was a disaster from listening to them try to play online. The online mode was completely broken if you wanted to play with a friend.

    I am not kidding you when I say that they tried to meet up online for over an hour and they were just met with problems.

  • aquaman22

    Okay I really hate when developers do this. Now it could be that they’re being pressured from the publishers but still man, it sucks when you have to push out a game that is not up to par. and Black ops did the same freaking thing, it’s like you get a new game and the first thing you have to do is download a stupid patch. that’s just not very nice. And after having played GT5 i really wasnt looking forward to playing this crap. Developers get your shhhhh together please 🙂

    • noxtics

      seriously ….patching on consoles was supposed to be a way to add content not an excuse to release unfinished games and then fix them later.

      really this gets old quick man

  • Thatruth86

    lol really they did that bad of a job that they had to shut down servers smdh what a shame another example of quick releasing which shows they didnt want to lose money but now they lost a lot of money from this …


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