Top 10 Genre Cross Overs in Gaming

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Our modern generation of games tend to slot quite nicely into pre-defined genres, with many gameplay elements neatly fitting such a categorization. For some games though, one genre just isn’t enough. Join us as we herald the top ten games that have artfully merged more than one gaming genre together. Bonus points are awarded for the more bizarre and ambitious attempts at genre fusion.

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1. Dark Chronicle

1. Dark Chronicle

Though Dark Cloud before it used the same mechanics, Chronicle was when the series really came into its own. A dungeon crawling action RPG by day, Dark Chronicle (or Dark Cloud 2 as it is known in the US) offered some satisfying town building elements by night. Imagine sim city, but you need to earn your buildings and resources by exploring perilous dungeons. The second game in the franchise improved on the concept further by forcing players to build their locations across multiple eras, building certain things in the past to affect the future. It was brilliantly done, and a fantastic concept to boot. A perfect example of ideas and execution coming together.

Any genre bending titles you think deserve a mention? Shout them out in the comments section as always.

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  • great thanks……………..

  • What about Mass Effect? An absolutely amazing game that is a mix of a 3rd Person Shooter and an RPG!

  • thanks for listing all top 10 genre games..!

  • Bob

    Any chance at getting this list on one page? That picture of Soul Caliber 3 is pretty neat, but I ain’t a click monkey who’s going to click many times just to see the rest of your list.

  • plr

    I never heard of any of these games, except starcraft

  • River City Ransom is still, by far, my favorite use of genre mixing. An RPG Brawler? Why don’t we have more of those? Well, aside from SP v. tW, which was a great homage to RCR’s style. 🙂

  • I approve this article. Not what I expected at all. Very cool.

  • ActRaiser? side-scroller/sim game

    Shenmue? Open world adventure/fighter/racing/mini-games

  • You missed Act Raiser for the SNES 🙂

  • No love for Battlezone or Battlezone 2? FPS/RTS is an amazing genre crossover that never got the chance it deserved. It could be done even better with modern technology.

  • what about Savage (1 & 2)? Mix between RPG, 1st person and RTS…

  • No Dungeon Keeper?


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