Top 10 Most Horrific Faces In Video Games

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There’s something about faces that instantly gives you insight into a person. Whether it’s a smile, a nod, or straight up eye contact, these mild facial twitches are always the most memorable part of human interaction. The problem is that this also applies to negative emotions. A face is often the first thing we see when we recount horrific experiences and events, and this applies to scary stuff we see in media as well. Here’s our rundown of top 10 horrific faces in gaming.

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Adam the Clown – Dead Rising

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Clowns are actually pretty scary when you get down to it, but they're on a whole new level when they're dual-wielding chainsaws. The horror of the circus isn't often touched on in games, leaving Adam as the best example of why make up is a frightening thing indeed.

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  • http://Website Kai-El

    Why are you using Facebook to post your photos?

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  • http://Website Jared

    Exdeath is from FFV…FYI.

  • http://Website DarkDreamz

    no alert

  • http://Website James

    Ghouls in Fallout 3 should be on this list for certain

  • http://Website TheDingADingDong

    Tomonobu Itagaki should be on this list

  • spydersvenom

    Hate to say it, but #1 is the right game, wrong moment. The dog jumping through the glass window in the hallway was the scariest for my friends and me.

  • http://Website TitleReader

    @ spydersvenom: The article is about most horrific faces, not scariest moments…

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  • http://Website Name, indeed

    The ghouls in Amnesia: Dark Descent are pretty damn horrifying the first time you lay eyes on one.

  • http://Website goliathvv

    How about the siren from killing floor?

  • this is my name

    The boomer? seriously? the spitter is much more horrific, the way its jaw sags down…

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