Top 20 Survival Horror Games Coming in 2016

Best read with the lights off and with headphones! Here are 20 of the biggest survival horror games coming out in 2016.

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Some say that the survival horror genre has gone the way of the Dodo, but that simply isn’t true. There are plenty of titles that are ready to scare your pants off in the upcoming year, and you better believe that some of these titles will send you running. Here are the top 20 survival horror/zombie games to look forward to in 2016.

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Outlast 2

The first Outlast was an incredibly tense, scare-riddled romp through a mysterious asylum. With no weapons to fight back against the hospitals crazed Denizens, you could do nothing but run, hide, and pray that the creature stalking you wouldn’t look inside the locker that you were hiding in. The upcoming sequel will explore new characters, settings, and events. It will be set in the same universe as the original, so fans of the surprise, horror hit will have much to look forward to.

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  • The Truth

    STOP including Resident Evil in the horror genre. There is nothing scary about any of the games. 5 minutes of Silent Hill is scarier than the entire series of RE combined. Zombies are boring and played out anyway these days. Enough with zombie stuff people We get it.

    The biggest crime is that Silent Hills was cancelled. That is such a huge blow to the horror genre words can’t even explain. I was so excited about that game after it was revealed PT was the “demo” for it. I knew it would be the horror game I was waiting for my whole life. It’s so sad that game will never be.

    • VTTM

      Simply couldn’t agree more!

    • Agreed. I completely skip over it whenever it’s included in a horror list. I’m looking for genuinely scary games, not some adventure puzzle game with “zombies.”

    • Volakis Vasilis

      totally agree with you!

  • Marcin Krzyżaniak

    20 titles and only one Horror game that is new (i do not count Resident Evil 0) and gameplay is in third person. What happent with TPP survival horror genre? Do no one is interesting with creat a Silent Hill or Fatal Frame successors?

  • mocchiato

    Slideshow? No thank you.

  • Orioncy

    Great list! I just found another list that included similar games to this ! 🙂 Although there are some games different there ! Anyway, what does everyone think of DOOM and DEAD ISLAND 2 as a horror game? If you want to check it out, it’s here! 🙂

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  • Ian Gordon

    This is my favorite genre and i love your survival horror games list!
    There are 3 of them that i already played and about 4-5 on my list of future buys!

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