Top 30 Scary Games That Will Make You Jump Off Your Seat

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he horror genre has grown a lot ever since its conception all those years back. Right from the classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil to modern day iterations like Dead Space and BioShock, nerve racking storytelling has taken a lot of huge steps. However, some horror games fail to have as much of an emotional and psychological impact than others. Some specific developers have proven to be adept in the genre over the years.
Compiled below is a list of what we believe were the 30 most “edge-of-your-seat” scary games. All of them may not be in the same tiers of scariness, but believe us, they’re all pretty atmospheric.
Enjoy the list and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake


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  • Billy Bob Zombie

    Return to Castle Wolfensteinshould be in there too, first time me and my brother played it…. we almost shit our pants^^

    • blarehead

      have to agree with you,

  • And Doom3? Quake 4? Cold Fear? PainKiller? Stalker? Alien vs Predator(SEGA)? These games sacred to death to me…

  • Garanikor

    Whoever made this list needs to understand what horror is. The only games here that actually have effective use of subtle horror are Eternal Darkness and Silent Hill.

    Games like Dead Space rely on pop scares, that get old quick, and fail to scare you but instead just briefly startle you.

    • Joana

      And you need to understand that you are not the authority on horror. Horror is more than “subtle horror” and just because something doesn’t scare you doesn’t make it horror.

  • TDM


  • Rakkasan

    What about The Suffering? that game always kept me on the brink of crapping myself. and the fact that you could turn into a blood thirty monster yourself was amazing

  • Hazara

    Useless! You left Half Life out… You have no idea about making a honest list. Who paid you off?

  • LinkGR

    come on…most games use “jumpscares” ! i hate them..its cheap and easy to scare form of a scare is the psychological one… And that is Amnesia…
    That game will literally make you afraid of the dark…I bought it around 2011 and got stuck in this dungeon… By stuck i dont mean that i didn know where to go…I mean that i was under a torch with little to no oil in my lantern and ofcourse no weapon because this game doesnt have any…i finished the game a month ago…So jumpscares are just that…Jumpscares… If you want to get scared REALLY scared shitless the go for Amnesia…You will not get dissapointed…

    • Andrew Armenta

      thank you. The torture scenarios. The sound was exquisite

    • Midnafan

      I’m weird I want jump scares. When you’re really used to ambience and all that it just doesn’t scare anymore–a cheap thrill, so long as it’s not too cheap, is fun for me. It’s too long a wait for the next half-decent psychological horror. The Visage gameplay trailer was only scary through, like, the second time watching it.

  • Johnny

    Well Doom 3 gave you such a feeling of hopelessness. The whole not using your flashlight and gun at the time sucks too. So it is not only a psychological game that scares, you need both, AND one that beats your confidence down with difficulty to make you feel like you will never make it past the next door. DOOMED to forever stay in the same room with a light, hoping that the impossible boss does not see you.

  • slenderman

    Slender..its the most scary game

  • Dick Shepherd

    So how come games like System Shock – good, but not scary at all – are on this list, but horror/shooter Metro 2033 isn’t? Sounds like the author just tried to come up with 30 games of the horror genre and ended up googling and listing each title in a series separately.

  • moazzam

    alan wake is a good has a great story and gives u constant shivers.must try it

  • Bastard

    Try the Slender Man .

  • Rixoli

    I’m looking at alot of these games and thinking to myself “That wasn’t scary” or “oooh, jumpscares, oh no /sarcasm ”

    Alan Wake wasn’t that frightening a game, Nor was Soul Reaver.

    A good horror game makes you genuinely terrified of whats around the next corner, it gets you on the edge of your seat; sweating and hoping to whatever you worship that (If you even have a weapon) you don’t run into another freak of nature in the next room.

    • Amnesia: a machine for pigs

      at the end, you pretty much described Amnesia

  • RiuChan

    I wish people would stop saying “Try Slenderman” or “Slenderman is the world’s scariest game.”


  • mausy

    I will put Shadowman od this list.

  • johnjacoballen


  • Good list but I think its out of order.

  • brohaw211

    Amnesia is the scariest game I have ever played and it remains my favorite. There were literally times that I had to shut off the game and stop playing because it had me so nerve-wracked. Plus it manages to stay scary with the endless amounts of Mods and Custom Stories available on the internet. I tried playing Dead Space (Which unfortunately relies heavily on cheep and predictable jump scares) to recapture that feeling, but nothing has managed scared me quite the same way Amnesia did.

  • Paris :)

    are there any good jumpscare games that are juampscare but not too gory or anything like that?


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