Top 5 Expected Biggest Sellers of Holiday 2011

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This holiday season is going to be hard on our wallets as gamers- with so many awesome games releasing in the short span of two months, it’ll be hard to keep up with all the releases as they swiftly flood the retail marketplace. And while many gamers will typically whine about a packed release schedule that demands a great investment of both time and money, the objective optimist will in fact realize one utterly simple, glaringly obvious fact: there has never been a better time to be a gamer.

Whereas trying to keep a track of quality releases may be hard, we at GamingBolt have already tried to make it easier for you. This article is not discussing the potential quality and critical reception of these upcoming games. This article will, instead, try to identify those games that will potentially sell the most, come holiday 2011. With so many games releasing, limiting ourselves to just five games was slightly hard, but we managed in the end.

Presenting to you, a list of five games that will sell the most come Holiday 2011.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Xbox 360)

There are very few games that are guaranteed success with each installment in the series, and Halo is one of those lucky few. Starting Halo 2, every single Halo game has broken some or the sales record upon release (yes, even Halo Wars, which managed to become the fastest selling console RTS of all time), and every single game has managed to be a multi million seller. The highest selling game on the original Xbox was Halo 2, and the highest selling exclusive on the Xbox 360 right now is Halo 3.

Needless to say, then, the series has a proven track record of selling a shitload of units with every major release, so there should be no reason for the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the ten year celebratory remake of the Xbox classic, should buck that trend. Sales should be helped if Microsoft market it right (sort of like how Nintendo advertised the Ocarina of Time remake as ‘the greatest game ever!’); considering the fact that most of Halo’s modern fanbase probably hasn’t played Combat Evolved (the series only achieved mainstream popularity with Halo 2) should also spur sales, as should the sales from those who did play the original game, and are keen to play a modern reimagining.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is therefore bound to sell. It’s pretty much a sure shot thing by now. It will certainly emerge as one of the holidays’ biggest sellers, once the dust has settled.

4. Battlefield 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Okay, including this one feels a bit like cheating, since Battlefield 3 won’t technically be released during the holiday season. However, it’s being released incredibly close to it, and there can be no doubt that the major chunk of its sales will come from the holidays rush.

Unlike the other games included on this list, Battlefield does not come from a record setting, retail dominating series. The one time that Battlefield really set some ripples at retail was with last year’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which has sold a total of 9 million units worldwide. Although the other Battlefield games always sold well, the series was never a major player in the marketplace.

Until now, with Battlefield 3, and with EA pulling all stops to position this as the major shooter to get this holiday season, marketing the game as an alternative to Modern Warfare 3, a game that does everything better. Of course, EA will be unsuccessful in luring away a large part of Call of Duty’s fanbase in spite of their increased marketing efforts, but quite a few people should bite and buy the game, if only to see what the hype is all about.

Certainly, don’t expect Battlefield 3 to set the charts ablaze like Call of Duty does. However, do expect the game to sell a sizeable number of units over the coming months.

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  • I love how you just call it “Holiday 2011″… as if we’ve finally given up on giving a shit why we buy crap in December, we just do it. It’s just “Holiday” now.

  • are you kidding me?! no mention of skyrim? that game will outsell many of the games on this list.

    • Agreed

    • No Skyrim? I doubt that Mario Cart on the sale struggling 3DS is going to outsell Skyrim or Battlefield 3 for that matter.

  • Your assumption that Modern Warfare 3 “does everything better” than Battlefield 3 is wildly unfounded given the little footage we have seen from both titles so far. Whilst I agree that there is no doubt MW3 will shift 20+ million on fanbase alone, that does not mean that MW3 will ultimately be considered a better game. As hundreds of these lists have already shown, these two will simply have differing demographics at their core. MW3 will be a lot of fun and will appeal to those looking for pure shooter fun, BF3 will cater for those looking for tactical gameplay and realism. Battlefield’s Frostbite 2 is breaking new grounds and looks fantastic, the MW3 footage whilst explosive was underwhelming to say the least. The animations and gameplay haven’t changed since COD4. In my opinion this will be the holiday the EA takes the FPS crown. Your dismissal of it’s potential is shameful.

    • to bad it won’t because cod is still just too good for bf3’s over estimated graphics which were just brutal in the beta

  • Well at least ToR wasn’t on the list. I do have to agree with Justin. No Skyrim? REALLY? But 3/5th’s of this list, 2 are same shit different day FPS (one of which is the background for this site. Did I accidentally go to IGN?) and one is a remake.

    Skyrim is that the industry needs. A solid deep RPG not “Realistc” FPS and or space maries game #49982761. Not only Skyrim but Zelda Skyward Sword (projected Holiday 2011 release date), Gw2 (projected 2011 release date but doubtful), Batman Arkham city, MGS HD collection (you have halo on there) oh and Dead Island . Then there are games that won’t necessarily release during the holiday season but due to things like word of mouth or people being unsure what to expect when it releases they’ll end up selling during the holiday season like say Deus Ex.

    Granted you put ACR and Mario Kart on the list, it seems almost like an after thought especially for MK.


  • JC

    WOW! It’s funny because Gears of War 3, has 1,2kk pre-orders right now, only in America, and it’s is setup to be the fastest selling exclusive till date, on day one and it is not even mentioned.

  • you screwed up the article battlefield does everything better than cod. BfBC2 has a metacrtic user review score around 9.0 while MW2 only has 5.0

  • mw3 obviously!!

  • Halo: CEA is a remake. I think it will sell, but it’s not a new Halo. Heck I think it won’t even sell more than ODST.
    Where’s Gears of War 3? Did you even check this pre-order list

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  • Oh boy, another year of sequels.

  • the title of this article is BIGGEST SELLERS!!! Not which game is better. all you illiterate 12 year old COD and BF fans need to put down your controllers and learn how to READ.

    that being said, kinda weird that Skyrim isn’t on here…

  • tim

    “This holiday season is going to be hard on our wallets as gamers-”

    So, make some extra money teaching people how to play the games…


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