Top 5 most stupid boss battles in current generation

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We have great games. But some of these great games have some of the most awful boss battles. The game is overall awesome but they fail to achieve perfection due to the ease with which some of bosses can be defeated. Gaming Bolt presents you five such cases in gaming in no particular order.

Gears of War 1:Major RAAM

Major RAAM was a deadly looking boss. But he was ridiculously easy to take down. He was capable of only running, walking and shooting. When he gets too close to try, all you have to do is run over the other side of train and take cover. Repeat and shoot. Eventually he will be brought down.

Resistance 2: Daedalus

Resistance 2 had a huge scale about their boss fights. But some of them, infact most of them were damn easy. Daedalus  is yet another flying alien. His weak points are nothing but some points on the columns of a hall. Shoot them like anything and you will be done. I wonder the boss was so huge if he wished he could have crushed Nathan Hale easily!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma : Fiend

Sigma is still the most toughest game on the Playstaion 3.  But the final boss fight with the Fiend was disappointing. You just need to have enough health potions and powers to take him down. The batlle was a joke when compared to other fights in the game.

Fable 2: Lucien

Well Fable 2 was one of the best RPG’s of 2008. It had some beautiful landscapes and art design. But this final boss batlle does not do any justice with the game. The Hero has to just use his power for a few moments and there you go, your arch nemesis Lucien is done for good.

Gears of War 2: Brumak

It seems like Epic made the same mistake again with the sequel. Agreed the game improved on every aspect of games play but the final boss fight with while riding on the Brumak was a joke. I expected more of a tough fight. But unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

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  • Edgar Harris

    The Fable 2 boss fight is actually worse than how you portray it. You don’t have to do anything to win this boss fight. If you just stand there and let Lucien rant Reaver will eventually shoot him dead.

  • Cheeseknight28

    I think Dead Space’s final boss should be on here instead of RAAM. RAAM took a few tries to figure out the exact pattern, but the Hive Mind was a joke. I don’t think I used a single health pack in the entire fight.


    Also Fontaine needs a mention. The only weapon you needed was the Electric Gel.

  • babyduck666

    RAAM takes much more effort than just running and shooting, especially on hardcore, not to mention the fact that if you don’t stand near a light source you get killed by kryll. The video you posted doesn’t even show RAAM at all.

    Fable 2 should be absent too. Lucien shouldn’t be considered a boss fight, it is a part of the ending.

    And where’s RE5? Wesker’s the worst boss this generation. Altough I agree that Gow2 has one of the worst fights ever.

  • chris

    its funny how u say the boss in resistance is pretty lame but when u play gears of war 2 u dont say a damn thing

  • edco

    how did the guilty spark from halo 3 not make this list. that is easily the single most pathetic boss battle ever.

  • suckit

    Seriously? “most toughest”? “overall awesome”? “shoot them like anything”?
    Great! article.

  • Shadow

    i mean some of them i agree, fable 2 and that, but then he goes and says General RAAM is easy? yeah its very easy on easy difficulty or normal, but next time try hardcore and insane then talk.


    Raam was a lot of things but certainly not easy.
    I happened to beat him after 20 tries because he was luckily (for me) stuck.
    Of course, i’ve never tried the “easy” mode.

    And Lucien is not even a boss battle…


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