Top Ten Most Abused Video Game Characters [PICS]

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Sometimes life is hard but, even though games are often used as a form of pure escapism, game characters have a hard time as well from time to time. Whether by our orders or simply through a cruel twist of fate, here’s a list of the ten characters in gaming who seem to get the most amount of abuse thrown there way. This list may contain mild spoilers.

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Most JRPG protagonists – Any JRPG

Most JRPG protagonists – Any JRPG

If it's not amnesia, a mysterious past, bereavment, or some other kind of misfortune, the likelihood is your protagonist is some kind of clone or demonic being. Or you're probably just not playing a classic enough JRPG. Either way, JRPG heroes stereotypically wind up being tortured characters indeed.

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