Ubisoft Discovers That PS4 GPU Is Twice As Powerful As Xbox One GPU


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A series of benchmarks and tests conducted by Ubisoft just ended up confirming the obvious, something we have known for quite a while now: the PlayStation 4 is more powerful and capable (from a hardware standpoint) than the Xbox One. But what they also revealed was a little startling piece of new information- you see, they revealed that the PlayStation 4’s GPGPU is twice as powerful as Xbox One’s.

They also ended up revealing that the Xbox One’s CPU is in fact more powerful than the PlayStation 4’s, although the difference there is pretty small (the Xbox One’s CPU is slightly more powerful than the PlayStation 3’s; the PS4’s is somehow less powerful than that), which would explain why they want to move tasks associated with the CPU over to the much more powerful GPUs on both these machines.

Well… guys. I think this is just more, continuing evidence of the fact that the PlayStation 4 is, in fact, a far more capable machine than the Xbox One. Stop hoping for that to change.

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  • d0x360

    Unfortunately GPCPU doesn’t translate directly into graphical performance. Yes yes I know the ps4 is capable of better graphics than x1 let me finish. The ps4 has more compute cores which are used for tasks like physics or if you aren’t talking games something like folding@home. That’s great news for the ps4 but it will never directly translate to 50% more GPU performance. Right now we are seeing about 10-15% higher performance in games which allows the ps4 to generally hit 1080p easier.

    This better compute performance will help but if the azure tech demos for physics and AI end up in games then the Xbox is going to exceed the ps4’s performance by a very large margin when physics are involved. Things like world destruction, cloth physics, total number of interactive objects etc.

    Crackdown is the first major project to use this cloud based computation and if it works out it could change gaming forever. Of course Sony can use it to but they will need to either hook psn into azure or Amazon’s aws but I wouldn’t expect that this generation because it would require them to basically rebuild psn and how it works from.scratch.

    • Mark

      My main thought about this power debate; I just wanna see something from Sony that says “this cannot be done on the Xbox”. Something that creates that huge gap, that makes it obvious to us what the PS4 can do. Every game they released and will release, The Order, Infamous, KillZone, DriveClub, all have cut corners to wow me visually. But have traded other things in for it, like tons of AI in ISS, or rocking the black bars in super tight corridors in The Order, or cardboard cutouts for crowds in DriveClub at 30fps on track. Not hating what so ever. The games look gorgeous but where’s the power? If 50% more power translates to just this small gap, I don’t see why people are running to Xbox articles bragging. Imo, it is arguable that FH2 outperforms DriveClub technically. Not necessarily, but it’s arguable considering the what each game uses. That to be able to compare somewhat this situation, doesn’t give me the impression of a 50% power advantage. Sony needs to demonstrate that in their first parties. Create that game that kills the X1 technically. I could argue that if FH2 was delayed a year, it’d look way better. What would DC look like if it launched last year?

      Also, having the hardware doesn’t simply equal superiority. U need the software to take full advantage. Case in point, Ryse and Qbreak. Imagine Halo 5 and Tomb Raider running with the X1’s intended API (DX12). Epic’s already seeing 2 times performance in CPU threads due to paralell rendering in the Xbox, per their UE4 forums. Something else to note, just because u have a beefier GPU doesn’t equal all out superiority system wide. In theory – X1 system bandwidth = 200+ GB/s. PS4 = 176 GB/s. Doesn’t mean the X1 is MORE capable, I’m just stating that the bragging about the PS4 power over the X1 is minimal, not enough to scream about on Xbox articles imo. It’s like people luv to focus on 1 part of the whole. But EuroGamer’s Playground Games interview shed some light on the negative perception of the Esram in X1. In conclusion, I just want us all to get amazing games. We should be able to express our preferences without too much bashing and fighting. It’s very immature now on these sites.

    • Psionicinversion

      that the thing well its 40% more powerful not 50%… have to go off the TFLOPs not compute units because there clocked lower. BrokenGamezHD pointed out when sony says this game can only be done on PS4 well there completely wrong it can be on xbox to, although with lower graphical details obviously. There is no game that can only be done on 1 platform unless its really dated tech.

      So far in the PS4 games ive seen there are alot of cut corners to get there and tbh it will continue. Some fanboys think Uncharted 4 is confirmed to be 60fps just because 1 little trailer ran at it. I highly doubt UC4 will be 60fps unless they cut alot of corners to get there. It doesnt matter how good ND are at programming you can not get past the hardware limitation. With the PS4 having a weaker CPU, that can hold things up on the GPU side so its probably why sony have got SN Systems (i think) to help them optimise the CPU but they shouldnt of put a weak one in there in the first place.

      Funny thing i keep seeing is people saying look at PS3 start to finish, PS3 was very difficult to program for initially and was substantially more powerful than PS4 was at launch in relation to hardware available at the time. so PS4 will not have a magical leap in performance. Its very easy to max the consoles out because the games developed for PC to are far more graphically superior than what the consoles can max so they will always be maxed out

    • Mark

      Yeah it was pretty shocking to see the next gen systems so close in CPU performance. Lol. For me though, I loved the emotion and graphics in Ryse. Judging by how sick COD:AW’s campaign looks, and SledgeHammer using Physically Based Rendering, I think console games will see increases once last gen is nixed. The move to next gen engines. Now the fun thing to watch is what PC starts doing with DX12 and Mantle. Oxide Games is doing some serious stuff with Nitrous. Do u think u guys will get solid frame rates in 4K with DX12? Is that a primary achievement ur hoping for?

    • Psionicinversion

      The new games will look alot better, PBS is pretty good, for example pretty much everything in star citizen uses PBS, all the ships hangars buildings etc theres still a problem of the GPU’s in these consoles. There struggling already and its only going to get worse as devs try to up the detail levels as the PS4 can do alot for the GPU inside it but its still pretty weak though and that isnt going change i think the most they can achieve is double the TFLOPS of what it is now.

      DX12 and mantle is much needed as sli/xfire rigs arent able to achieve good performance becuase there CPU bound, If you get sli you need to overclock your CPU alot even with a 6/8core. When mantle dropped in BF4 290/290x users saw 50% more performance straight away because there werent as CPU bound. When nvidia launched there CPU optimised drivers some GPU setups saw 100% increase in performance.

      So yeah its definately needed for 4K, need as much performance as possible. ill be going 4K in 2 years time so time for the API’s to mature some what then im getting a beast rig just for SC, i think itll bring a tear to my eyes playing in 4K… just hope watching TV doesnt look like im watching a 480p program after hahaha

    • Mark

      Lol. I’ll be watching the PC gaming scene. See what’s happening next year.

    • Psionicinversion

      2016 is when the next set of proper PC upgrades come in. Will have the new AMD CPU’s nvlink and Pascal GPU’s giving a virtual unified memory architecture to PC unless they delay it again

    • Mark

      Also, check this out from LionHead. It is speculated that Esram does compute. I saw Brad Wardell mention Microsoft to talk about this soon. What’s ur feeling about this? What’s the impact? At the below Tweet from LionHead May 2014.

      @PerpetualCoding @K_Alex1 We’re making full use of ESRAM, not just for render targets but also for compute shader work. It’s awesome! 😀


    • Psionicinversion

      well someone told me that physics calculations take up alot of bandwidth so makes sense to shunt it through the eSRAM but i dunno what impact will be but roles have reversed because now its the Xbox that needs time to master same as ps3. doubt it will achieve 1080p in alot of demanding games because the GPU is pretty weak, its a budget level GPU after all :d

    • Mark

      Lol! We’ll see.

    • Psionicinversion

      problem with the consoles is while people will only pay around $400 for them unless they sell them at a loss again they will constantly trail behind PC’s by a large margin

    • MrSec84 .

      eSRAM is embedded, static, RAM, not a processor.
      Lionhead were saying that compute data could be stored in eSRAM, not that eSRAM was doing any actual processing.

      eSRAM wasn’t processing render targets, it was storing the data for them.

  • want a challenge? see if you can figure out how to play this game http://istanaangin.itch.io/detective-jake

  • MrSec84 .

    Technically PS4’s GPU has 40% more raw power, but it’s faster, more flexible main memory and additional ACEs make sure less of the GPU time is wasted.
    Essentially PS4’s set-up is more efficient, along with more powerful, so that’s where the extra GPU performance is coming from in this benchmark.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Just gonna say this once. XBox One = dedicated graphics RAM, PS4 = no dedicated graphics RAM. The reason they are using the GPU for CPU is that they use the same RAM so there’s little distinction. XBOX ONE is far superior to the PS4 in every way imaginable. Done.

    • Psionicinversion

      lmao neither console has dedicated graphics ram. OMG are people stupid these days. Unified memory means everything gets stored in there, theres no system ram + VRAM its combined together so PS4 has 5GB available to devs includes the main game process textures audio everuthing, same as X1. and no the x1 is not superior the CPU is becuase it can do parallel processing but the GPU side no way. no chance its simple logic.

      If crackdown successfully offloads all the heavy stuff to “the cloud” it may have a chance BUT what if the internet is down, in UK it can shut off then have to restart modem, think they only way it may avoid it is to have a static IP but you pay more otherwise its dynamic

    • MrSec84 .

      LMFAO dude it’s 32MBs of eSRAM, with a maximum real world speed of 150GB/s, that’s no match for 8192MBs of GDDR5 at 172GB/s real world useable speed.
      It also doesn’t help the 8GBs of DDR3 when that’s clocked at 55GB/s and can only read or write in a cycle, GDDR5 can do both simultaneously and it’s over 3X the speed, latency is also comparable between the two.
      The level of contention between CPU and GPU for DDR3 is much greater than PS4’s set-up.

      Xbox One doesn’t touch PS4 for performance, this is what these benchmarks show, the GPU can perform 100% better than Xbox One, because of the faster memory, more raw power and the far more efficient design using 4X the ACEs.

      PS4 is the system that’s superior in every way that matters, even the TrueAudio chip in PS4 is more capable than shape is in Xbox One.

      You can’t even really say the Xbox One really has dedicated graphics RAM, GDDR5 was designed for that, but the level of latency is comparable to DDR3 in Xbox One, so it really doesn’t matter.

  • Michal

    That last sentence X_X
    One word: f*** off.
    Now let’s have fun with GAMES.

  • medafor

    Xbox One has twice as many and better exclusive titles available that’s all that matter to the non techie.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Lets not forget that the XBO cpu is over clocked.

  • Byron Injeeli

    More evidence why the PS4 trumps the XBox 1.


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