Ubisoft: DRM issues “regrettable,” claims to have resolved it quickly as possible

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Ubisoft is no stranger to DRM. They’ve always found unique ways of locking their content to fight piracy, and most of the times it has proved to be futile. Chris Early, Ubisoft’s VP of digital publishing has admitted that they could have done a better job with these issues, but also claimed that they’ve resolved most issues quickly.

“With Driver: San Francisco, for example, we had some issues with content activation,” he said in an interview with VG247.

“We had a good system in place but there was an error in the codes and so I’d say that, yes, we made a mistake – not necessarily in that the system was included in the first place – but that there was a procedural mistake with the codes that were required to activate the content.

“But then what did we do? Within a couple of days we patched it completely out of the game rather than trying to reissue codes and complicate it further,” he added.

“I think people looked at that situation and said, ‘You screwed up, but you took the right approach in solving it’.”

He also tried to justify DRM by saying that, as content creators they need to be compensated for their work – and people enjoying their content without paying for it is simply unfair. He also admitted that paying customers shouldn’t be inconvenienced, and they need to find a way to implement DRM without doing that.

“For us, the whole question of DRM is one of how we get compensated as a creator of content when someone is enjoying that content,” Early revealed.

“The goal is to find the balancing point so as to do that in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the paying customer. That’s something that, as an industry, we sometimes succeed in and sometimes fail at.”

Ubisoft has been pretty blunt in the past when dealing with such issues and they have even said that “there’s simply no way to bypass that.”

It remains to be seen if they change their ways, but at least they acknowledge it which is a step in the right direction.

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  • a

    Steam is the balancing point. It’s obviously what customers want, so just shut up and give it to them. If you choose to add more DRM, more people will simply choose not to buy your games.

  • AJ

    He has to say stuff like “That’s something that, as an industry, we sometimes succeed in and sometimes fail at”, because if he was talking about Ubisoft specifically it would be all fail all day.

    The only people who don’t hate Ubisoft DRM are pirates – they never see any of it.

  • James S.

    Lower the prices. Remove the DRM. DRM = wasting time and resources implementing an unnecessary system which purposely breaks the software under certain conditions and renders it unusable. This drives up production costs, and DIRECTLY takes away development resources, which piracy does not do. The time and resources would be better spent fixing bugs in the game. Furthermore, they price themselves out of the market by making games $60 a pop. I want to play a LOT of games, and I cannot afford to play a lot of games when they are $60 a pop. I will gladly spend $60 to $120 a month to play games, BUT NOT FOR ONLY TWO GAMES. So I pay for and play NO GAMES. Video games are for the rich, or they’re for a market where only a few big companies can flourish or ever get their games seen by a large audience. Fuck that. Companies that use DRM can go fuck themselves.

    • Jackson

      DRM sucks, yes, but games have always been expensive. Do not expect them to be lowered in your lifetime. Steam has been my solution, there are always weekend deals taking 50% or more off relatively new games, as well as indie games that are almost good as or better than the new games. Games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 have a giant mod community behind them, so you can always expect new content, game modes etc in the same game.

      I believe every game should have a multi-player feature, especially Skyrim. Multiplayer adds so much to the purchase.


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