Unruly Heroes Will Run At 4k/60fps On Xbox One X, Dev Will Push The Game At Highest Quality On It

“We’ll adapt to the game console.”

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The Xbox One X is extremely powerful– and the good news for it is, developers are willing to actually work on pushing its hardware to get their games running and looking better on it. Developers, big and small- take Magic Design Studios, developer of Unruly Heroes. Speaking to GamingBolt in an exclusive interview, Meredith Alfroy of the studio confirmed the studio’s intention of pushing the system to reach 4K resolution at a blistering 60fps.

“Yes, [Unruly Heroes will run at 4K and 60fps on the Xbox One X] for sure”, she said. She also added that considerations of parity with other hardware – whether it be the Xbox One S or the PS4 and PS4 Pro – will not hold them back from leveraging the full extent of the Xbox One X’s power.

“We always want to push the game to the highest quality. So we won’t do some compromise at the cost of quality. We’ll adapt to the game console,” she said.

It’s good to see developers working to exploit the full extent of the hardware- parity concerns for holding games back never endear themselves to me, and I always feel that, while all games should be on all hardware that can run them, there is no reason for a game to not run better on hardware that can support it better, too. Hopefully, this isn’t just limited to smaller games, but extends to AAA games and developers as well.

Stay tuned for our full interview on Unruly Heroes in the coming days.

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  • Tga215

    Well it’s a start hopefully more developers will take advantage of it

    • AuricGoldfinger

      Hopefully more? I could have sworn there’s already over 100 Xbox One X enhanced games. Developers already look to be taking advantage of it.

    • Tga215

      I mean using the full extent of the x no parity

    • AuricGoldfinger

      Oh ok! I agree as well. There definitely shouldn’t be any parity.

  • Luke Skywalker

    i hope more developers #saynotoparity

    • andrewsqual

      Better tell those developers to drop the standard Xbone versions then or there will never be anything on XboneX that comes close to Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn or…………… Infamous Second Son.
      Even with its delay, lets you and me compare the visual sheen of Infamous SS and Crackdown 3 come May next year. And don’t forget one of those games will be out over 4 years old at that point too.

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      How about comparing it to gears of War 4.
      I’ve seen infamous, it doesn’t look better, not by a long shot. same with uncharted.
      same with horizon.

    • #4DaLolz™

      Launch alignmed the PS3 did outsell X360 the entire gen.
      It was only ahead because of the year headstart.

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      No, it did not.

    • Fweds

      Ooh who could this be ?

      And look 12 Fake Upvotes just like Mrxrat.

    • andrewsqual

      Lol, that’s your comeback? You can’t use that petty excuse for everything. That is my PSN ID too. Now, got any ACTUAL rebuttal lol?

      Look at my comment history idiot before saying such paranoid things.

    • Jacky

      This one is an angry ponylicker. Got all triggered about the PROtato being a failure above. It’s comical.

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      Parity won’t be a problem.
      Simply be a list of things that will be “enabled”, as far as capability/fidelity when running on an x that won’t be available on the standard Xbox one s, that’s all.
      very easy to do.
      And with time those options will grow.

    • Xbox One X unlocked

      If we asked for 4k 60fps we will have it

  • Mr Xrat

    More low-hanging fruit for Xgimps to pretend to be excited over and then they don’t buy the game.

    Not surprised ProjectObesity4Lyfe and his cadre of losers are all over this.

    • S. Cruz

      Drop salt again

    • Mike

      Well, unlike tye PS4 pro, the X can run this low hanging fruit @4k 60 fps.

      Would you like some tissue for that abundant flow of salt water?

    • Mr Xrat

      Wow…so this…is the power…

      At least it looks better than Crackdown 3, so you’ve got that going for you.

    • Dumb dumb dumb.. the PS4 Pro has 4k/60 fps games. Google it.

    • Mike

      I know that the PS4 pro has 4k 60 fps games. Albeit, checkerboard 4k mostly, but not this one.

      Going forward, ps4 pro is going to get left behind Xbox one in the amount of 4k @ 60 fps that each console has. Because as we all know, 40% power increase is a big difference.

    • I don’t care.. Sony is the best.

    • You guys just don’t get it.. why Sony is so special that is.

      They are special because they dont bullsh*t around.. Sony is the only true company pushing limits, coming up with new ideas and taking us to places we have never been before.

      This and many more things make Sony/Playstation the best thing ever!

      Microsoft/xbox strategy is just to copy and paste Sony and improve it a little more. Lol pff please.

    • #4DaLolz™

      Lmao keep dreaming.

    • Mike

      Keep those lips rapped around that corporate c**k.

    • Keep it up Mike.. i was about to say something positive about the xbox one x till i read your post and remembered what a bunch of lying hatefull people xbox fanboys are.

      You really need us PS4 Pro owners to buy your precious Xbox one X.. without Sony and the PS4 Pro u wouldn’t have an Xbox one X.

      Bow down to the master of gaming.. Sony. Know your place.. boy.

    • Mike

      The funny thing is, I own a PS4 among a PC and other systems, old and new.

      But let’s be honest here… The most hateful people here are the PlayStation fanboys. They just can’t go through life without going to any xbox site or any site that reports something positive about the Xbox or Microsoft. PlayStation fans are a special kind of sick. They seem to talk smack about Xbox more than they play games…

    • kma99
    • DonaldDGasaway

      Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family!!!
      On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it

    • Apollo Dean Campbell

      The salt is real people. Hey Mr 1440p, know your place. Kneel before Scorpio. KNEEL!

    • Fweds

      FAKE UPVOTES do not make your poor unfactual comments any more valid.

    • You are right bro.. it’s all talk with the xbox fanboys! They aint buying nothing xD.

      Xbox players are broke as f*ck.. and still trying to convince PS4 Pro owners to buy their Xbox One x.

      Who in their right mind would give up VR and 4k/60fps gaming on the PS4 Pro? I dont even care about 4k.. 1440p is fantastic on the PS4 Pro too!

      I am starting to care less and less about 4k gaming.. specially since xbox is all over that now.. they can have that bone.

      4k is old news.. it’s all about the games now!

  • Jacky

    But I bought this pitiful PS4 PRO that is a complete ripoff. The thing doesn’t even download 4k textures and assets and Sony’s 3rd person singleplayer games are boring and dead 2 weeks after release.

    • andrewsqual

      Better than online games that are dead after release on Xbox like Sea of Thieves or Crackdown 3, sadly 2 other Xbox “exclusives” that STILL won’t even achieve the standard 1 million sales milestone, even with slightly more Xbone owners out there by early 2018. And with such low sales numbers of those games, that will only make the online presence drop off even faster.

      Of course I would have used Gears of War 4 and Halo 5 as great examples but clearly to you they are just trying to emulate the Sony epic “singleplayer games” approach with a multiplayer portion also. You just can’t have it both ways you see. But don’t worry, XboneX will change those 2 games forever for you and you only had to spend 500 quid on an Xbone console AGAIN.

      Now Quantic Broke, THERE is your forgettable game lol ^_^

    • #4DaLolz™

      There won’t be any more Xbox users, its only hardcore Xbox fangirls swapping 900p for checkerboard “True 4K” Lmfao

    • andrewsqual

      Look at it this way, at least they FINALLY are getting a games console that makes use of that 2007 1080p TV. No wait, they could have got a Wii U and got to do that too.

  • Barry Harden

    I bet you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two versions. Enjoy your $500 Xbone X with checkerboarding 4K!

    • Mr Xrat

      These idiots hyped up beast power for a year and they got slightly less blurry indies, hahahha

    • zcar_driver

      I think most/all games will be “slightly less blurry”. Not just indies.

    • Barry Harden

      They are also paying big bucks for a laughable increase. Just happy they will be out several hundred bucks. They deserve it.

    • zcar_driver

      Why would you mention checkerboarding 4K! ??? , This article states this game will run at 4K and 60fps. Did you not comprehend what you read?

    • Barry Harden

      They didn’t say how that 4K will be delivered. Most games on XBone X have stated they will be using upscaling 4K or as you know it by Checkerboarding. The XBone X’s 6TF just isn’t powerful enough for full native 4K@60fps on graphically complex games.

    • zcar_driver

      Normally on this site they say checkerboarding. So if they says 4k@60 i take it a that, but i could be wrong .

    • Barry Harden

      Yeah you’re wrong. Unless they EXPLICITLY tell you it’s Native 4K then you’re getting some kind of upscaling 4K. Don’t worry though, sites like Digital Foundry will reveal everything.

    • zcar_driver

      Not worried one way or the other. Truth be told.

  • Xbox One X unlocked

    When we have asked for and agreed on native 4K 60fps it happens.
    We never asked for every game to be full 4k 60fps.
    Show us a link we have, we never have.

    Just like we never agreed on wanting every Xbox One game at 1080p.
    Some games at 900p is what we have agreed on.

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      People really don’t understand about the past as far as the 900 P issue, and the fact that you give up a tick or two, to have online in a lot of games run as smooth and consistently as it does, compared to the PS network, that’s why Xbox Live is what it is, and a consistently better, more stable, Network.

    • Learned Handgun

      I’m not arguing that the resolution nonsense has been mostly a smear campaign by Sony fans but when do “we” agree to anything? I’m pretty sure we just got what was given. Fortunately MS decided to listen to costumer feedback and has made many changes.

    • Xbox One X unlocked

      Yes, We have agreed to step up now and yes its a new level.
      The time for playing weak to help Sony recover is over

    • #4DaLolz™

      Lmfao what multiplat game looks on a new level compared to Pro?
      We won’t say exclusives as it wouldn’t be fair with Xbox having none and their 2 big games Crackdown and Sea of Thieves look like X360 games lol

    • Learned Handgun

      Your eagerness to defend a console is disturbing. And your multiple accounts and trolling more so.

    • Mr Xrat

      Xgimps on damage control, as usual. The PS4 was a next -gen step up while the Xbone was running games nearly the same as the 360 did. Now Xgimps are using that 1.8TF to make a bare difference and that’s a “step up?” Your removal from this industry is well overdue.

    • Xbox One X unlocked

      We only agreed to help Sony’s poor sales record.
      And there is no damaged to control.
      We have asked for a powerful system now and they have delivered.

  • Jacky

    But I bought this pitiful PS4 PRO that is a complete ripoff. The thing doesn’t even download 4k textures and assets and Sony’s 3rd person singleplayer games are boring and dead 2 weeks after release.

    • #4DaLolz™

      I bought this pitiful $500 1.3TF shitbox from Microsoft that only does 720p and 900p and it is constantly hard locking, micro freezing during gameplay and making grinding noises.
      Worst built console since the 360 RRoD.

  • Barry Harden

    You say you can but do a double blind test. That’s if you have balls. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • Ahahah so much power on the xbox one x but.. i still can’t play Spiderman, Gran Turismo, Knack 2, God of War xD.

    Tell me again why i need an xbox one X? ..right. lol

    Xbox is getting worse by the day.. smh

  • Sony doesn’t need to push this stupid 4k/60 fps thing..

    All Sony has to do (and keep doing) is make fantastic games!

    When the PS5 drops then we will get 4k/60 fps as a standard.. plus backwards compatibility.

    You see.. the PS4 Pro is just a teaser for what is coming in the PS5.

    The PS4 Pro costs half the price of an xbox one x and it DOES VR and 4k/60FPs lol…

    Who in their right mind would trade in their PS4 Pro for an xbox one x that cant even do VR? smh..

    Who in their right mind would buy an xbox one x and pay for the same games they own on the PS4 Pro for the xbox one x?..

    Right. Xbox one x is flopping hard.

    Tsss.. with their stupid jedi mind trick slogan “True 4k”. What does it even mean “True 4k”?.. the xbox one x dpes checkerboard 4k too.. so is this part of the “true 4k”?

    If yes. Then the PS4 Pro also does “true 4k”.. anyway.. this is something stupid somebody at xbox came up with.

    So shallow and poorly thougt through.. welcome to xbox one x.

    The Xbox one x doesn’t even have fp16/rapid packed math like the PS4 Pro.. it doesn’t have VR.. ok i will stop here.

    And you expect people to buy that? Lol.. for $500! Nah.. that’s my PS5 money right there 🙂

  • Mike

    I never said I had a PS4 pro, I said I had a PS4. The pro wasn’t worth the money in my opinion. Especially not when the One X was on the horizon and would be 40% more powerful. Not to mention many of my 360 games can be played there along with my OG Xbox games which is great as my OG Xbox stopped working.

    And GT sport is a disappointment so far with Its cardboard cut out looking scenery. Sonybshould have waiting to release the pro instead of trying to cash in on VR. A decision that is actually bleeding them cash…

    • VR is just beginning and at least PS4 players have the option if they want it or not.

      Unlike MS/xbox who wants to keep you dumb and unaware of VR on consoles because they don’t got the muscle to compete.. even with the xbox one x.. VR is just a distant dream.

      Sony doesn’t only care about money.. surprise surprise.. they care the most about artistic expression and bringing new experiences to people.

      To Sony it’s not all about money and they are willing to take a financial hit from time to time experimenting with new stuff.. can you say that about your precious MS/xbox?..

      *quick trivia (Name me 3 games that got cancelled by MS because they chickened out and win a PS4 Pro!)*

      You as a MS fanboy only talk about power and money.. open your eyes to the lies and see the truth..

      *cue Playstation sound and logo outro*

    • Mike

      It doesn’t matter matter if we have VR as aan option on PS4 if it doesn’t have any real games to make it a must have purchase and is mostly accompanied with below average games.

      If you want a decent VR experience, PC is the way to go as it has more games and better quality releases than the PSVR. Microsoft took the right step not releasing a VR head set for their console yet. Sony are already reducing the price on their VR in an attempt to desperately make a profit from it.

      And Sony doesn’t care about money? Then why won’t they give us real backwards compatibility instead of forcing us to buy games we already own for PS 2 and 3 on PS now? They are doing that to take as much of our money as they can. But I guess some people love being ripped off by companies…

    • #4DaLolz™

      How are they forcing you?
      If you liked playing old games you would have kept your old consoles wouldn’t you?
      But with your logic Microsoft are forcing you to play old games you already played in 2007 because they aren’t giving you anything new to play.

    • Hahah it’s too funny!

      The biggest threat to MS is xbox fanboys asking for backwards compatibility because they are too broke to (re)buy their (old) games xD..

      MS will not be making money on games after the Xbox One X.. which means a smaller budget to do what? It’s a lose-lose situation.

    • You just sound like ur making an excuse because the xbox one doesn’t have all the cool futuristic high tech stuff the PS4/Pro has.

      U downplay VR while there are millions of people playing on it right now.

      You are asking too much if you want Sony to give you backwards compatibility up untill the ps2 era.. besides those old remastered ps2 games barely cost anything.. a large menu at burger king costs more than some discounted PS4 games lol..

      If you don’t have money to buy games how are you gonna support the xbox one x then?

      I know why you want an Xbox one X! You know why?

      Because then you wouldn’t have to buy games anymore and you can play all your backwards compatible xbox games from the OG xbox/360/xbox one.. Which means you aren’t really supporting MS financially either in the long run.

      You just want to protect your game library that’s all.. the xbox brand will die after the XOX because of people like YOU who are too broke to buy games.

      Sony already made it clear that backwards compatibility is a feature a lot of people ask for but actually never use.. and it makes sense why they don’t go down that road.

    • Mike

      Lol. Who told you I don’t have money to buy games? Unlike yourself, who depends on his parents and grandparents to games and consoles for him, I buy my own games, consoles, and everything else.

      And no. The reason I’m getting an Xbox one X is not so that I don’t have to buy games and just play old ones, its be cause I like to have the ability to play all games on one single console regardless of how old it is or whether I own the old consoles or not. Besides, it can get rather tedious not to mention cluttered getting out your old systems just to play a particular game.

      But anyway, you sound like a guy who loves inconveniences, lol. If so, enjoy your endless mess of cables and systems stacked up on one another.

    • You can spend your money how you want.. just saying the xbox one x isn’t all that.

    • Mike

      I know that I can spend my Mon y how I want, don’t need you to tell me that.

      And the Xbox one X might not be all that, but the PS4 pro is even far less.

    • In your little xbox world yes.. the xbox is big.

    • Mike

      I don’t even know why I’m wasting time on the likes of you. Just a hater for the sake of being a hater. Someone must not get any…

    • zcar_driver

      It’s all about money. SONY/MS for any company/corporation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. .Try not to be so naïve.

  • #4DaLolz™

    Floating Cars 7 – Rewind button revenge.

  • #4DaLolz™
  • Jacky

    But I bought this pitiful PS4 PRO that is a complete ripoff. The thing doesn’t even download 4k textures and assets and Sony’s 3rd person singleplayer games are boring and dead 2 weeks after release.


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