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Game Title Score Posted Date Platform Reviewed On
Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Review 2 01st Sep, 2014 PS Vita
Mugen Souls Z Review 3.5 13th Aug, 2014 PS Vita
Borderlands 2 PS Vita Review 7 17th Jun, 2014 PS Vita
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review 5.5 30th Apr, 2014 PS Vita
Demon Gaze Review 7 28th Apr, 2014 PS Vita
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Review 7.5 14th Apr, 2014 PS Vita
Deception IV: Blood Ties Review 8 31st Mar, 2014 PS Vita
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review 7.5 10th Mar, 2014 PS Vita
Toukiden: The Age of Demons Review 8.5 17th Feb, 2014 PS Vita
Tearaway Review 8 02nd Jan, 2014 PS Vita
Rainbow Moon Review 7.5 31st Dec, 2013 PS Vita
Ys: Memories of Celceta Review 8 16th Dec, 2013 PS Vita
Real Boxing Review 7 25th Oct, 2013 PS Vita
Killzone: Mercenary Review 8 28th Sep, 2013 PS Vita
Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark Review 9 05th Aug, 2013 PS Vita
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD Review 8.5 30th Jul, 2013 PS Vita
Epic Mickey: The Power of Two PS Vita Review 5 16th Jul, 2013 PS Vita
Muramasa Rebirth Review 8.5 03rd Jul, 2013 PS Vita
Hotline Miami PS Vita Review 8.5 01st Jul, 2013 PS Vita
Limbo PS Vita Review 7.5 20th Jun, 2013 PS Vita
Soul Sacrifice Review 8 28th May, 2013 PS Vita
Guacamelee! Review 9.5 21st Apr, 2013 PS Vita
Dead or Alive 5 Plus Review 8 01st Apr, 2013 PS Vita
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Review 8 28th Mar, 2013 PS Vita
Urban Trial Freestyle Review 8 26th Mar, 2013 PS Vita
MUD: FIM Motocross World Championship Review 7.0 03rd Mar, 2013 PS Vita
Earth Defense Force 2017 Review 7 14th Jan, 2013 PS Vita
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS Vita) Review 6.5 01st Dec, 2012 PS Vita
Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation Review 7.5 24th Nov, 2012 PS Vita
Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Review 9 15th Nov, 2012 PS Vita
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