Warhorse Looking Forward To More Xbox One Power For Development, PS4/XB1 Slower CPU Not A Big Deal

Warhorse Studios on PS4/Xbox One versions of Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios’ ambitious open world role playing game Kingdom Come Deliverance will be releasing across current generation consoles and modern gaming PCs. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have decent GPUs but both have slower CPU clock speeds. Given that Kingdom Come Deliverance will be pushing visual boundaries, is the slower clock speed an issue for the development team?

Surprisingly, it seems that this is no big deal for them. “Thanks to direct hardware access we can find our ways how to compensate slower CPU, thus it is not a big deal for now,” Warhorse Studios’ Jiří Rýdl said to GamingBolt.

Jiří Rýdl also told us that they are currently not using the latest Xbox One SDK update but they will be updating soon and are eager to use more Xbox One power via updates. “Not yet, but we will update soon and we are always looking forward for any more power we can use (smiles),” Jiří added.

Kingdom Come Deliverance does not have a release date yet but the PC version may launch this year followed by the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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  • andy

    Again, this developer just doesn’t want to talk specifically about PS4 development whatsoever. Why is this? So there was no comment from them how they are excited that the PS4 ALWAYS and STILL has massive power for development? Again is there a specific reason?

    • bardock5151

      Because the “massive power that is always and still there” isn’t as much as you would like to believe. Also they are most likely sick and tired of short bus fanboys such as yourself bouncing around like a dips£#t screaming about some fabled “unlimited power” your piece of plastic supposedly has.

      You embarrass yourself and gamers everywhere acting the way you do, harassing those who are genuinely interested in technology with your fanboy taint.

      Anyways, moving on.

    • Guest

      What were you expecting from a $ 0N ¥ pau per like andy. They’re the lowest maggots of society.

    • Psionicinversion

      PS4 doesnt have massive power in the slightest. The PC has massive power, both consoles have mediocre power. Both consoles are just good enough and thats all. I bought Driveclub for instance last week and i honestly thought to myself where are all these amazing graphics. Fair enough its one of the best looking driving games ive seen but 1 i havnt seen many and 2 all the other looked like crap anyway so it wasnt hard to beat in the first place.

      The PS4 is NOT POWERFUL never has been never will be. Face facts

    • rodney patrick


    • Israel Lopez

      Forza looks just as Ps4’s Driveclub on Xbox One, if not a little better. Ryse to me still has the crown of visuals on Xbox One, and it looks even better on PC.

    • Forza Hoirizon 2 looked like crap ? lmao Sure.

    • TenTonHammer

      Fh2 doesn’t look like crap but over not played it so doesn’t count

  • Mark

    Just wanna say to Andy from the first post. It’s probably because they’re vet DX coders and are using it now for the base build (PC and X1). They may mention some stuff about PS4 later, after the first version release.


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