Xbox One 4TB Hard Drive Released

That’s, frankly, ridiculous.

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xbox one seagate drive

The Xbox One, thankfully, allows for its internal on board storage to be augmented with external hard drives- I say thankfully because all games must be installed on it before they can be played, and games are massive in file size- when patches alone can be nearly 20GB, the total space taken up by a single game can often be 60, even 70GB.

With this new hard drive for the Xbox One, released by Seagate, lack of storage space will never be a problem for you again- not unless you flat out crazy in terms of the number of games that you buy. This hard drive has 4TB of space, which means that, given an average file size of 50GB per game, you can store 80 games on it. The official page for the hard drive advertises a capacity of 100 games, which is probably closer to the truth, honestly. In any case, it’s absurdly more than you will ever need.

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  • Living While Alive

    Just ordered 2 😉

  • red2k

    It’s great addition. I have my 1TB full and it’s the start of the generation I really need more space.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    This will be great when Xbox One enables DVR!

  • hiawa23

    I am using a 5TB drive right now on mine. Awesome news. Sony needs to open the PS4 up to external

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  • heima

    “The official page for the hard drive advertises a capacity of 100 games,
    which is probably closer to the truth, honestly. In any case, it’s
    absurdly more than you will ever need.”
    Is it? Really? Considering the number of patches every game needs, the size of games, the DLCs, the DVR, the GwG released every month (4 each month, lets say it’s about 40gb total), how long do you think will it take to fill this external hd up?

  • lagann

    Ive used up half my 2tb external hd already and i dont play as many games as when i was younger. I dont even own many of the popular titles like witcher 3, CoD, and fallout to name a few.

    This is year 3 in the current gen consoles and at least 3 more years to go. Frankly, its ridiculous you think its ridiculous.

    • Margaret Weller

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  • Michael Norris

    You can tell this was written by a fanboy. 4TB is a lot of space but you have folks out there that will buy over 100 full priced games in the consoles life so at the end it isn’t enough. This isn’t a attack on Xone the fact it has 2x usb 3.0 ports on the rear of the system is awesome and Sony should had did the same.

  • Booomshki!

    I don’t understand all this balls. I’ve got a 3TB Seagate with over 100 games installed and 47ish % of free space left. Very few games weigh in at 60GB. Not even close. I’m sure someone will call bulldung on that but whatever. 4TB is a big drive. You’d have to spend a good few thousand of UK £ to fill it. And if you do fill it stick another 4TB in. I doubt many people will ever need any more than that


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