10 moments where you have felt like shouting: MORTAL KOMBAT!

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Mortal Kombat was one of the best fighting games of yesteryear. Not only did it create a new standard for fighting games but the game itself became a huge sensation in the 1990’s. Even though the series has lost a bit of its juice in recent years, Mortal Kombat was and still is one of the finest franchises around.  In this short feature we take a look at those moments which got  our adrenaline levels high. We will use information from games, movies and episodes in the article.

Note: The listing is totally random and is not based on any kind of ranking. Also let us know your thoughts in the comment section below the post.

Mortal Kombat Theme Music

I still remember the good old days when I was in the 7th grade and whenever this movie used to come on Star Movies, I would leave my homework and sit to watch this amazing movie based on Mortal Kombat. But when the credits rolled out, my friend and I used to stand facing each other and just literally taunt each other to have a fight. This music created vengeance in my blood as is if Mortal Kombat existed for real. The theme still feels fresh after all these years. Have a listen.

Liu Kang and his bicycle kick

One of the best fight scenes that Robin Shou (the actor who plays Liu Kang) had in the two Mortal Kombat films he acted in. In this video we see some intense fighting and for the first time we see Liu Kang perform the famous bicycle kick. One question that seems to bug me is- where the hell is Johnny Cage when Kang is fighting with Reptile? Obviously he should have helped Liu. But oh well…it is Hollywood you know!

Welcome to the Scorpion’s Lair

Another crazy fight sequence from the first movie and this time it is between Johnny Cage and Scorpion. The most amazing thing about this video is that later on the fight takes place in the Scorpion’s Lair and the director of the film got the theme of the place spot on. We also get to see Scorpion firing the spear through his palm and removing his mask. Too bad, Scorpion gets fried by Cage in the end.

Finish Him!!!

The words that are so common in the Mortal Kombat Universe , “Finish Him” sounded pretty scary for its time. After the announcer said those golden words, the player had the option to perform a fatality, animality, annihilate them or just leave them. It’s one of the phrases in video games that I am not going to forget till the day I die! Now … FINISH HIM!!! MUHAHAHA!!!


One of the major reasons that Mortal Kombat became such a huge commercial hit was the variety in the gameplay. Fatality was one of the major features that actually sets Mortal Kombat apart from other fighting games. Beheading your opponent, slicing them into pieces or throwing them into spikes became the norm for future Mortal Kombat games as well. Even though they were very violent, it did manage to get our adrenaline levels high.

“Those were 500 dollar sunglasses you a*******”

This one has to be the craziest moment in Mortal Kombat. First of all, Goro destroys Cage’s sun glasses. Johnny Cage than humiliates Goro with a punch in the…you know what. After that- Cage’s words are embedded in to history forever. Have a look.

Sub Zero unmasked

A lot of questions were raised on how Sub-Zero looked in the game, but without a mask. Midway finally heard the fan’s request and hence unveiled an unmasked and badass Sub-zero in Mortal Kombat 3. Not only that, new armor was also given which showed that Sub-Zero was pretty much ripped. Better yet, the red mark on one of eyes was the icing on the cake.


One of the coolest features that came along with Fatality was the ability to transform the warriors in to animals. For example Liu Kang will transform into a Dragon or Shang Tsung into a snake. See the video below to see some of the animalities:

Get Over Here!!!

Voiced by Ed Boon himself, “Get Over here!” is a phrase that is used by Scorpion when he released his spear from the palm of his hand. Scorpion would not have been Scorpion without those famous words.

Mortal Kombat Conquest: Scorpion versus Sub Zero

We all know the intense rivalry between Scorpion and Sub Zero. Sub Zero always alleged that Scorpion killed his sister and hence wanted revenge. This is the final battle between the two in Mortal Kombat: Conquest. Have a look, its badass!

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