10 PC Mods That Will Make You Forget About The PS4 and Xbox 720

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In the usual spirit of gaming hype, it seems many are forgetting about this current generation of consoles in favour of the Xbox and Playstation hardware of tomorrow. Though current gen consoles may be enduring a graceful decline as a result, there are plenty of cool PC mods that will make you forget console generations exist at all. Here are ten awesome recent PC mods that will remind you why PC gaming is the boss.

Multi Theft Auto

One of the big new features of Grand Theft Auto 4 was the inclusion of online multiplayer but, whilst it was ambitious, it wasn’t really as spectacular as we were all expecting. Multi Theft Auto however, an endearing San Andreas mod that adds network play, has really gone on to shatter expectations. It was released some time ago but, with updates landing fairly regularly across the past few months, this one just keeps getting better.

No More Room in Hell

A source engine mod that places players in a co-operative zombie apocalypse isn’t exactly a completely fresh idea. Zombie Panic nailed it first and, if you aren’t already thinking of Left 4 Dead, then you should probably get your head checked. No More Room in Hell adds a quintessential element that makes it unique though; the terrifying ability for your team mates to become zombified if they get hit too much by the infected.

The Stanley Parable

Another mod for the ever popular source engine, but one that uses it to create a fantastically realised narrative driven title. Everything about the Stanley Parable oozes quality, with impressive scripting and level design that would make most chart titles envious. What is most clever about The Stanley Parable though is how it uses the medium of a game. We haven’t exactly had many clearly defined cultural movements in gaming yet but, if we ever get a modernist movement in the games industry, this mod will be seen as a precursor to it.

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