11 Announcements We Want To See At E3 This Year

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E3 is almost here, looming large on the horizon with only a couple more weeks to go, and with such a short time left, we’ve all started speculating as to what announcements we will be seeing during the conferences. Will we finally see some of the big announcements we’ve been waiting for? Half-Life 3? The next Mario game? Uncharted 4? Or will we see something entirely unexpected? Something we’ve never seen before?

Compiled below is a list of 11 games we want to see this year at E3. Tell us which games you want to see in your comments below.

Batman: Arkham 3

With the Batman: Arkham franchise having seen so much success recently and Arkham City having performed admirably well, both critically and commercially, there is a huge possibility that Rocksteady might unveil the next Batman: Arkham game at E3 next year with a release date of late 2013. It’s certainly something we want to see, and it doesn’t sound hugely inconceivable either, so keep you eyes peeled for this announcement.

Dragon Age 3

BioWare has been talking about a third Dragon Age game for a long time, and it’s more or less a known fact that Dragon Age 3 will be released in 2013. We expect to see an official reveal at E3 this year, with BioWare also giving us some much wanted details. Hopefully, Dragon Age 3 will do what DA2 couldn’t- please everyone. If it’s a perfect cross between the awesomeness of DA: Origins and the few merely decent aspects in DA2, we might just have an awesome RPG on our hands.

Metroid Next

We haven’t had a Metroid game since 2009’s rather forgettable Metroid: Other M, and not a single good Metroid game since 2007’s Metroid Prime 3. Nintendo has been awfully quiet about the series these past three years, and perhaps it’s time to give us another proper Metroid announcement. Maybe as a launch title for the Wii U? Maybe a side scroller for the 3DS (that would be great)? Whichever one it is, we just want a new Metroid game, and hopefully, Nintendo will be announcing one next month.

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