14 Greatest Fights In Video Games

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There are always moments in video games where you are pitted against the most horrendous and prodigious of enemies; moments that make you grit your teeth in frustration, flail your controller at your screen or even have you scuttle about the room in apprehension.

Ofttimes, it is these moments that we tend to remember fondly once we get past the barriers that we had deemed impossible not moments earlier. Here are 14 such fights that had us in an eccentric blend of emotions but which we have always remembered and cherished as the greatest moments of our lives.

15. The Shadow of the Colossus – 13th Colossus

Not mewling about how the game almost had us in tears more often than not, The Shadow of the Colossus offered one of the greatest ‘foes’ that gamers were pitted against. it was the 13th Colossus, often called the Phalanx. The thing was, that this gentle floating desert leviathan was so clement in its manner that it never attacked you. The only damage you received was from falling off Phalanx or being dragged into the sand whilst riding its back.

That most certainly doesn’t mean that we were faced with any less of a fight. After finding this hulking dude flying about in the middle of the desert, the greatest challenge was bringing it down to ground level with your bow and arrow and relying upon your horse Argo’s speed to catch up with it and leap on its gigantic wing. The sheer proportion of this fight was what had us in a tizzy. This was one long and tedious fight that had us carefully manoeuvering to mount the colossus using all our wits and abilities. Suffice it to say that we were not particularly looking forward to the end of this fight.

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