15 Final Bosses That Were Disappointingly Easy

Ending with not so much of a bang.

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The “Final Boss.” Nothing puts a mark of closure on a video game journey quite like the “final boss” – the last obstacle before the game finally acknowledges that you have completed the objective of main scenario progression. There may be other tasks to accomplish, between side quests, post-game content, or even any type of DLC that may get released for a game, but the crux of the story is generally meant to end when the final boss meets their demise.

What with all of the drama that goes into this encounter, you have to expect some sort of comparable level of difficulty, right? Perhaps a test of all acquired skills or abilities, battles against learned patterns from foes of the past, or at least some sort of test of fortitude that matches the gravity of final boss battle. Not always the case, as we shall see in some examples of disappointingly easy final bosses in amazing video games.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Dark Beast Ganon – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Not only is Breath of the Wild one of the most popular Switch titles, and one of the most widely loved Zelda titles amongst fans, its consensus amongst the gaming public at large is overwhelmingly positive. Which makes the fight against Dark Beast Ganon so unfortunate, for a game that was so awesomely different from previous Zelda games, increasing the sense of scale in adventuring in a way that wasn’t really anticipated. There’s no protracted struggle here – it’s Link, his horse, and the Bow of Light (courtesy of Zelda) against Ganon that is significantly monstrous in form and scale, and with an appreciation for the color pink. Your goal is to ride around to the left and right sides of Dark Beast Ganon, at which point golden Triforce glyphs will appear; these are his weak points. Aim your arrows at the center of those glyphs to damage him. There will be three on either side, and one underneath him. The final hit against Dark Beast Ganon will be a shot to an eye that appears atop his head once he has been incapacitated by the other attacks.

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