15 Misconceptions Non-Gamers Have About Gamers

Can gamers ever be a part of “normal” society when stereotypes like these loom?

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Gamers are often scrutinized for a list of flaws and disadvantages over what others would consider to be “normal.” This sort of scrutinizing can usually be a form of bullying, or just plain mean. It shows us (those who love to play games– like myself) that acceptance is something that is tough to achieve. Even when it involves nothing but enjoying a night on the couch while enjoying our favorite story or shooter.

This type of practice of judging others has gone on way too far. There are dozens upon dozens of ways people who do not play games look down upon our community– and it’s just gross of them. We may not all get along with one another on what console or game we prefer, but when it comes to gaming, we all have an understanding that games are for our enjoyment. We aren’t out to entertain others (unless it’s being streamed or an MLG competition), but rather sit back, relax and enjoy some time to figure out how to solve that riddle in Batman Arkham Knight.

Here is a list of 15 misconceptions we would like to clear up for those who see us as something we are not. A stereotype that needs to be broken and rewritten for those who wish to judge and hold gaming against us.

On Tonight’s Main Course: Chips And Soda

Here’s the thing: not all gamers are fat. Not all gamers eat nothing but junk food. Not all gamers discourage good health. I, for one and tall and skinny. I eat junk food, but in moderation. I have a gamer friend who is currently vegan (trying his hardest, of course). Sure, there are a lot of us gamers out there who spend hours in front of our TVs, eating away at bags of chips and sugary drinks and don’t care one bit. However, on average, there is probably little difference between a regular gamer’s diet and an average Joe walking down the street.

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