15 New Year Resolutions You Should Never Make As A Gamer

Are you thinking of not pre-ordering your favorite game? Can you resist the urge of not getting over hyped for the next big release?

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New Year resolutions are aspirations I rarely meet. Over the years, I’ve tried a number of tactics. Some years I choose a few modest goals that I know I can achieve. Other years I’ve tried a shotgun approach, listing as many goals as possible with the hope that I will accomplish at least a few of them. As we approach the New Year, the dread of resolutions not met looms, and the hope that next year I will do better is building. To help myself, and you, set achievable goals, here is a list of fifteen New Year resolutions you should never make as a gamer.

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Keep Your Hype Level Under Control For Your Favorite Upcoming Game

It can be hard to keep your expectations humble when the next iteration of your favorite game is on the horizon, but if the releases of the current gen have taught us anything, it’s that the hype is almost certainly not real. Marketing campaigns and our own imaginations have a tendency to get us into trouble when we begin to think an upcoming game will be on a whole new level. Our favorite games might not be as disappointing if we maintain reasonable expectations.

Trouble is, keeping your internal hype machine locked down is nigh impossible. When the weeks turn to days before your favorite game’s release, every hour will feel days long, and your dreams will be filled with the adventures soon to come. Its impossible not to get pumped, just remember that a game cannot fulfill all fantasies at once.

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