15 Things You Need To Know About Homefront: The Revolution

Get ready for battle in a war torn America against a superior army.

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Have you been waiting for a new military-based shooter? The developers at DeepSilver have heard your calls and they’re readying to drop in Homefront: The Revolution for your protection. Sure, there are a lot of other shooters out there, but this take on a defeated America under the ruling of a superior Korean army may want to take you out first. Their advanced tech against our low grade weapons should allow them to easily defeat us in battle. NO MORE! We need to collect our courage and knowhow to overcome the odds and finally take our country back! Here are 15 things we think you need to know about Homefront: The Revolution before launch.

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Body Looting

Have you ever been in one of those games where you play with your friends, mowing down the enemies and just having a blast, until it’s time to loot the bodies that fell from all the war? ‘First come, first serve,’ as the motto goes, meaning whoever gets to the body first gets all the spoils. Not in Homefront. This is a game that wants boundaries to be blurred and shared amongst everyone. When a body falls, take all the time you need to collect that loot because the loot will be available for everyone in the party.

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