50 Incredible User Created Video Game Box Arts That Are Better Than Official Ones

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We have 50 stunning box arts for you, and you may be wondering what’s the big deal about them. That’s because they are user made and quite better than the official ones. We have to share these amazing pieces of creative work with you because we think they are simply phenomenal.

It is amazing how these unofficial box arts are better and quite impressive, and you know what? You can also print them and create alternate cover for your games. This is a feature which showcases user made photoshopped box arts, and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we did. Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

thanks and credit to: NeoGAF,
Pringo, Captain Pants, alr1ghtstart, RetroShaunBRS, inner-G, Defuser, McBacon, Bernbaum, El Papa, Cosmic Bus, flabberghastly, Hypno Funk, Gagaman, Android18a, somnific, proposition, Pizza Luigi, clip, mik, besiktas1, Jocchan, SpacePirate Ridley, PacoDG, mgviperman, Defensor, alistairw, FromTheFuture, JonathanEx, Rlan, Raging Spaniard, B_Rik_Schitthaus, VGChampion, painey, CloakedPuppet, hateradio, louie, Fuu, Tkawsome, MarkMan, celebi23, jam86, [Nintex], STG, Fireflu, Foxix, MNC, GrandTheftAero, Aokage, jetpacks was yes, Yazus, BGBW, zaidr, Retro, _dementia, FnordChan, Damodar, Willeth, amar212, b.e.r.g, Peter Smith, bard, AniHawk, Xater, zewone, soultron, Pipomantis, Ecto311, JasonMCG, Totz, Charron, affableamerican, GekigangerV, SickBoy, Attomzzk!, neojubei, friend of, dabookerman, Tiduz, AVCables, SweetTea023, evanylee, gokieks, DarwinMayflower, Sir Fragula, D-X, Sfida, NeoGAFFer, Krypter, VIP0R, Ourobolus, Zeep, Stealth, Alex P’s buddy on Shacknews, Pankaks, Whimsical Phil, ronito, xintin, Qarqh, PantherLotus, Flek, KyotoMecca, EMBee99, Zombiesaurus, KevinCow, neopokekun, orioto, Exarchos, NekoFever, KilgoreTrout, Quackerdrill, Masem, Balb, Powerslave, dravenova, HUELEN10, whitehawk, impirius, r3d panda, Fritz, dark_chris •


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