6 Horribly Misguided Gaming Gadgets

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Some gaming gadget companies love designing new wacky peripherals to snap onto your console. Unfortunately, some of these attempts at deeper immersion, or more flexibility don’t always come out the way they weer planned. In fact, some of them are downright dangerous, and it’s all too possible to envision a old grandma taking a kick to the face, or your little brother getting punched out cold.

6. Wii Boxing Gloves

In an attempt to make your Wii Boxing experience even more intense, Everlast have come of with a unique way of hurting your fellow players using thinly padded gloves with the Wiimote and Nunchuck attached to them. While the results could be hilarious, they could also be extremely painful (moreso when peoplego for the old below-the-belt).

The Wii platform as a whole has introduced a whole new world of hurt to those young ‘uns who least expect it, but I bet you never thought playing the Wii could….

5. Wii Bowl

…get a plastic ball hurled at your $1200, 50″ TV. This Wii-Bowl is designed so that next time you play Wii Bowling you get to actually, well, bowl. It’s not supposed to actually come out of your hand, but then again neither was this dog, which some schmuck dropped off a bridge because he believed dogs could fly. However, while you’re getting punched in the face and chucking your balls around, an even worse gaming peripheral is just around the corner to….

4. Wii Light Sabers

…stab you. These two 12″ swords are not the kind of things you want waving around while playing a hack ‘n slash. When I want 30cm of plastic embedded in my eye socket, I’ll let you know, CTA Digital.

3. Guitar Hero Guitar

I bet you guys never thought about the dangers of that spiky guitar shaped cattle prod in the corner though. Unlike the many Wii peripherals, the Guitar Hero Guitar is not designed to be thrown manically around the room until it makes a firm connection with your brother’s throat; no, the Guitar is simply designed to be held and played. However, 2 teens jamming away on Guitar Hero II were more than a little shocked when they were electrocuted by a bolt of lightning firing at their house, through the guitars and into them.

2. Project Natal

We imagine that you might end up doing this to your mother as she walks into the room to find out why there are broken vases everywhere.

Totally ditching controllers in favour of basically turning your whole body into one, Natal might appear safer than controller-related motion control. But what happens when you want to try and kick someone in the face while playing Virtua Fighter?

1. Gaming Vest

So you’ve managed to punch, kick and stab yourself and others, as well as breaking every fragile object in your living room. Still looking for that masochistic satisfaction that you crave? Look no further than the gaming vest. “The vest includes a multitude of solenoids, eccentric-mass motors, and Peltier elements controlled by custom electronics” in order to simulate, ” the feeling of bullet hit [or] body impact”. Wowzers that sounds like fun. I mean, who doesn’t want the feeling of loads of tiny powerful motors trying to burrow their way inside your skin like something out of the matrix?

Still looking for ways to hurt yourself? Check out some of the wierdest games consoles ever created here.

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