Agents of Mayhem: Braddock Class Guide, Mayhem Abilities, Core Upgrades, Gadgets And More

Some tips and tricks for playing as Braddock.

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Agents of Mayhem is all about the different characters you can play as in the game- this isn’t just a marketing point, the game literally expects you to treat each of the wildly differentiated characters as just abilities and weapons in a loadout, expecting you to rotate through them, use them all in situations that are appropriate, and develop them all.

There are so many characters, it can honestly be difficult to try and keep track of them all. That’s where we come in. In this guide, we walk you through some essentials on Braddock.


  • AP Rounds: Ammo inflicts vulnerability on enemies; cuts through enemy defenses
  • Dragonhead Scope: Damage increases by 20% in Fine Aim mode
  • Rail Gun: Lets you shoot enemies through walls.
  • Knockaround Scope: Stagger chance for enemy increases by 15%.
  • Corps Strength: Special Ability gets 30% bonus damage.
  • Cluster Rocket: Ammo launches cluster rockets, with high splash damage.
  • Dead Med Redemption: Critical Hits may drop health pickups
    Cleansweep Barrel: Weapon Rifle damage steadily increases the longer it is sustained up; goes up to 45% bonus damage.
  • Clean Living: Max Health increased by 25%.


  • Hellraiser: Increases Mayhem Ability Power y 10% for each increment
  • Born to Kill: Increases Fine Aim Damage by 1.5% for each increment
  • Bullet Sponge: Increases Max Health Regen  by 0.5% increment
  • Natural Leader: Increases Bonus XP by 1% increments


  • Apocalypse Now: Mayhem ability will call down mega lasers
  • Strong Hearted: Automatically gain Fortify if you are within 10 meters of more than one enem
  • Rough and Ready: Gain one stack each of Fortify and Empower for the next 7 seconds for each agent when swapping in or out

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