Apex Legends Guide: Best Landing Spots, Best Weapons, Attachments, and How To Obtain the Heirloom Set

Some essential tips and tricks if you want to survive in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends

In this guide we are going to take a look at some of the best landing spots in Apex Legends, the best weapons you need to procure, the various weapons attachments and how one can unlock the Heirloom Set.

The Best Landing Spots:

Kings Canyon is a massive map and it’s often not easy to find the best spot to land on. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the best spots where you can land in order to get the best loot.

Hot Zones: These are indicated by a large blue circle and is usually home to weapons complete with attachments and high-level armor. However, this area is visible to everyone so you can expect a lot of players to target this area making it hard to survive there.

Supply Ship: This is the best spot for some initial loot. The ship is marked on your map and if you are lucky you may come across it while you are landing.

Supply Drop: These drop much later in the match. However, note that its dropping location is random.

Other Locations: You may also find some high-quality loot in the Water Treatment and Thunderdome areas.

How To Obtain The Heirloom Set?

At the time of writing this guide, there is only one Heirloom Set which applies only to Wraith. However, it’s extremely difficulty to get one. The chances of unlocking this is just a mere 1% of the player base. So, how do you unlock this? The set can be obtained via the Apex Packs which can either be unlocked through natural progressions or can be bought through the store. If you want to go through the former method, the game will give 40 odd Apex Packs if you managed to level up from 1 to 100, and beyond that further leveling up is required. Note that without this set, you will be limited to 500 Apex Packs, which indirectly means that you may need to go through 500 Apex Packs in order to unlock this set, and that too is not guaranteed.

The Heirloom Set consists of a Wraith Heirloom Intro Quip, Wraith Heirloom Melee Skin and a Wraith Heirloom Battle Pose. You can also unlock the Wraith Knife using the same method as mentioned before. However, once again the chances of getting one are very slim.

Best Weapons:

Apex Legends has a vast arsenal of weapons. However, the following is our list of best weapons that you need to get hold of.

  • Wingman Pistol
  • Peacekeeper Shotgun
  • Hemlock Burst Assault Rifle
  • M600 Spitfire LMG
  • Mastiff Shotgun
  • Kraber .50-Cal Sniper Rifle
  • Triple Take
  • G7 Scout Sniper Rifle

All Weapon Attachments:

Attachments in Apex Legends are basically of three types: Common (C), Rare (R) and Epic (E).

Shotgun Magazines:

C: Slight Increment In Rate of Fire

R: Moderate Increment In Rate of Fire

E: High Increment In Rate of Fire


C: Slight Reduction In Recoil

R: Moderate Reduction In Recoil

E: High Reduction In Recoil


C: 2 More Inventory Slots Given

R: 4 More Inventory Slots Given

E: 6 More Inventory Slots Given

Extended Magazines:

C: Slight Increment In Clip Capacity

R: Slight Increment In Reload Speed, Moderate Increment In Clip Capacity

E: Slight Increment In Reload Speed, High Increment In Clip Capacity


C: Slight Reduction In Aim Drift, Slight Increment In Handling

R: Moderate Reduction In Aim Drift, Moderate Increment In Handling

E: High Increment In Handling, High Reduction In Aim Drift


Wingman: Increment In Headshot Damage

Triple Take: Reduction In Projectile Spread

Peacekeeper: Reduction In Projectile Spread

Prowler: Fire Modes Can Be Switched

Devotion: Reduction In Spin-Up Time

Longbow: Increment In Headshot Damage


2x HCOG (Bruiser): All Weapons

4x-8x Variable Sniper: Sniper Rifles

1x-2x Variable Holo: All Weapons

6x Sniper: Sniper

1x Holo: All Weapons

2x-4x Variable AOG: Sniper Rifles

Digital Threat (Legendary): Pistol, SMG and Shotgun

4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat (Legendary): Sniper Rifles

3x HCOG (Ranger): All Weapons

1x HCOG (Classic): All Weapons

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