ARK Survial Evolved Guide: How To Level Up Faster

A guide to leveling up in ARK.

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ARK: Survival Evolved is mostly a test of your ability to survive in a hostile world (which would explain the presence of the word ‘Survival’ right there in the title), but it is also a game that necessitates that you level up in game- this allows you to take on higher level bosses, and also to have your own army of dinosaurs.

This guide is a quick overview of leveling up in ARK: Survival Evolved, so you know what you are doing, and you know how to rank up quickly:

  • Leveling up nets you points to allocate to stats, but also Engram Points (EP)
  • Engrams are recipes you can craft- they are instrumental to your survival
  • Upon reaching Level 8, you can craft yourself a cooking pot
  • The Broth of Enlightenment can be used to gain 150% more XP for 20 minutes (leading to quicker leveling). You can make it by putting the following ingredients into a cooking pot:
    • 2 x Savoroot
    • 1 x Water
    • 10 x Mejoberry
    • 2 x Longrass
    • 1 x Black Pearl
    • 5 x Woolly Rhino/ Deathworm Horn
    • 2 x Rockarrot
    • 2 x Citronal
  • Joining a tribe is highly advised for earning XP quickly:
    • You get half the XP for something another player is doing simply by being in their vicinity
    • You get XP boosts overall
    • Taking on enemies is far easier, meaning XP gained is facilitated again
  • You can use a Mindswipe Tonic to respec your character, if you feel you have invested in the wrong build.
  • Crafting nets you a lot of XP (and is an easy way to earn some quickly in the early game). In the early game, look into crafting the following:
    • Cloth Hats
    • Notes
    • Wooden Rafts
  • Naturally, actually fighting dinosaurs will net you XP as well

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