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Awesomenauts is a pretty cool game that was released earlier on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which I also reviewed and gave it a favourable score. Now with the PC version, more people have access to this game and it’s something I believe should have been released simultaneously on the platform along with the console versions.

So how is the quality of the port? Visuals are quite terrific and again that’s mostly due to the fantastic art design that stands out and gives the game its unique charm. The PC version with its added resolution and solid framerate enhances the overall visual fidelity. The game looks quite good on the PC and you don’t even need a high-end PC to enjoy the game in all its glory.

The game belongs to the MOBA genre–Defense of the Ancients–where it is usually a tug of war competition between two teams. It’s sort of a rock, paper, scissors type of gameplay but of course considering it’s an online only game, there will always be some new exploits that causes imbalance and needs to be fixed. I haven’t found any such overpowered exploits online, but it’s always possible.

When a game is released late on any platform, it is usually accompanied by a price drop or extra content, and here, the game has extra characters and some balancing fixes. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t found any exploits online yet. The objective here is simple: destroy your opponents solar core. You pick a character and stick to him/her and have the capability to level them up as well with the in-depth customization features on offer.

That’s one of my gripes with the game though. You need to have a high level character to properly compete online. When you find a proper opponent, expect games to last a long while because it’s really hard to dominate here. I mentioned this on my console review as well, “If you are matched up with a competent opponent, then expect matches to last very long, and this can single-handedly result in you being burnt out on the game.”

This is a game that depends on teamwork. You aren’t going to win anything if you purely play it like a shooter, gunning down everything in sight. Nope.. teamwork is essential, and it’s imperative you don’t rush like a fool into an enemy group. Just like the console version the netcode here is very good, and there’s no worry about any lag or any other factors like that.

The advice I gave in my console version review still applies here, “There’s no single-player mode in this game, and what you find instead is a tutorial mode that teaches you the basic mechanics of the game. I would advise people to directly jump online and learn the mechanics the hard way; it isn’t that complicated too. Practice makes perfect, and that applies here as well.”


It’s a very good port and considering it has extra content too, PC gamers shouldn’t think twice before buying it. Yes, it was released later but if you have some spare time, Awesomenauts won’t disappoint.

This game was reviewed on the PC.


Great visuals. Additional characters. Encourages teamwork. Very competitive. Great netcode.


Sometimes games can last long which can be a chore. Late release on PC but could have done with a lot more content or a lower price drop.

Final Verdict

It's a very good port and considering it has extra content too, PC gamers shouldn't think twice before buying it. Yes, it was released later but if you have some spare time, Awesomenauts won't disappoint.

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