Batman Arkham Origins Mega Guide: Enigma Locations, Anarky Tags, Side Missions & Crash Fix

A complete guide for Batman Arkham Origins.

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This is a complete game guide for Batman Arkham Origins. Find all enigma Datapacks / Extortion Files, anarky tags, gotham intel, towers and relays, Pinkney Plaques, disable 3D in game, change field of view, fix crashes and black screen,  predator challenges, frame rate issues and more.

All Anarky Tag Locations

There are a total of 24 Anarky Tags in Batman Arkham Origins. Finding twenty of them will earn you the “Voice of the People” trophy / achievement. Below you find all the locations where you can find them.

All Gotham Intel Locations

You can find all Gotham Intel Locations using the video below.

All GCR Comms Towers

There are seven in total. Below you will find the locations where you can find them.

Amusement Mile Comms Tower & Relays

Amusement Mile Comms Tower & Relays

Burnley Comms Tower & Relays

Coventry Comms Tower & Relays

Diamond District Comms Tower & Relays

Industrial District Comms Tower & Relays

Park Row Comms Tower & Relays

The Bowery Comms Tower & Relays

Cyrus Pinkney Plaques Locations

All Enigma Datapacks / Extortion Files Locations:

Park Row

The Bowery

Amusement Mile

The Final Offer

Industrial District

Steel Mill

Pioneer’s Bridge


Diamond District

Royal Hotel


Police Station

Batman Arkham Origins – Predator Challenges Video Guide

There are a total of 12 Predator Challenges in Batman Arkham Origins. Earning 3 medals in each of them is required for the “Medalist” trophy and achievement.

Side Missions In Batman Arkham Origins:

Other than the main campaign, the player can indulge themselves in several side missions. They are:

Lady Shiva Side Mission

Deadshot Side Mission

Mad Hatter Side Mission

Anarky Side Mission

You need to defuse of 3 bombs in order to have a face off with Anarky.

Batman Unlockable Costumes:

You can unlock the following costumes by completing specific tasks within the game:

  • New 52 Graphic: Get hold of all the Most Wanted.
  • Blackest Night: Gain the Prestige rank in multiplayer mode.
  • Dark Knight Costume: Complete Dark Knight Challenges.
  • Injustice: You need to better the challenge mode.
  • Noel: You need to defeat the mysterious Enigma.


How to turn off 3D while in game?

Simple press CTRL + T

Frame rate during Cutscenes drops

The method suggested here is a work around. It will fix the stuttering issue but will diable DX11. Jump to Steam/SteamApps/Common/Batman Arkham Origins/Single Player/BMGame/Config

open the BmEngine.ini file

Search for AllowD3D11 and set it to “False”.

PhsyX not working properly

Update to the latest Driver here.

Screen goes black during Multiplayer:

Geometry detail and Dynamic shadows should be set to Normal in the game’s graphics settings

How to Remove FPS Cap

Open  \My Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham Origins\BmGame\Config\BMEngine.ini

Set bsmoothframerate  to False, You also need to set the two value below this variable to zero

[you need to change bsmoothframerate  to false at two other places as well]

How to Change FOV

Open  \My Documents\WB Games\Batman Arkham Origins\BmGame\Config\BMEngine.ini

Add the following command below the file:

Bindings=(Name=”F10″,Command=”fov 120″)

Game Crashes:

Keep your drivers updated and try deleting the BmEngine.ini file and restart the game.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game. You can also check out the complete video walk-through of Batman Arkham Origins here.

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