Battalion 1944 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about Battalion 1944.

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Battalion 1944 Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Battalion 1944

Bulkhead Interactive

Bulkhead Interactive

PC, Xbox, PS4

Genre:First Person Shooter

Release Date:2017

Battalion 1944 is an upcoming first person shooter that will be based in World War II. The game is being produced by Burkhead Interactive and this will be one of the first titles the company has worked on. The firm is both developing and publishing the title. The game is planned for a May 2017 release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Because the studio putting the game together is relatively new, it needed to go through crowdfunding in order to get the money to produce the game. Battalion 1944 was announced on Kickstarter in February of 2016 and the title managed to hit its goal in just three days.

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Battalion 1944 was officially announced on February 3, 2016 through a Kickstarter campaign. The company announced it had actually hit the funding goals inside of three days. On February 11, the developers announced they were already at 200 percent of funding. On February 25, the company announced a number of different stretch goals they were putting into the Kickstarter campaign because they had hit their funding goals so quickly. They also announced they had already hit the first stretch goal, which was a full time community manager. The other stretch goals unveiled were enhanced particle effects, the Currahee Bootcamp Map and the Competitive D-Day Map. There was also a few higher stretch goals announced that include the introduction of English soldiers into the mix.

With just one day to go in the Kickstarter campaign, the company announced it had hit the stretch goals that would allow the addition of the D-Day Map and Currahee Bootcamp. On March 3, 2016 the company announced it had officially completed its Kickstarter funding round and had hit 317 percent of its  funding goals. Among the goals it did not hit was the addition of a single player campaign. That means the game will only be a World War II multiplayer game with a ton of online features. In this regard, Battalion 1944 will apparently closely resemble a game like Star Wars: Battlefront.

During the official announcement of Battalion 1944, the developers stated that the game run on the Unreal Engine 4 and will feature dedicated servers that will make it that much easier to implement certain anti-cheat measures when it comes to the multiplayer games. Burkhead said it wants the game to be considered the WWII first person shooter game and in order to accomplish this goal, the online portion of the game will be primarily skill-based. In order to make sure the skill based portion of the game stands out from the pack, the developers have said the unlockables will not be tools that can actually give players a competitive advantage. The game doesn’t have an official release date but it’s expected to be out sometime in 2017.


battalion 1944

The game will not feature a traditional campaign mode as it is a pure multiplayer game. Instead the story of Battalion 1944 of will be more about progressing your player and winning a number of different game modes while playing through  some of the most famous backdrops of World War II.


Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944’s developers are priding themselves on their goal of bringing realism back to the first person shooter that is focused on World War II. The game will not have a single player campaign and will instead focus on the multiplayer aspects where players can either go up against one another or join teams and accomplish various goals. Battles and modes will take place in real world locations like Carentan, as well as the German forests of Bastogne and a ton of other historical sites. Skill plays an important part in the game, which means players have to have precise aim with your weapons like the Kar98, there are other weapons included and all are historical weapons that would have been available to American forces in World War II.

The mode the developers have talked most about is called BattleRank In this mode, players are supposed to join a Battalion with other players and then compete season to season with a global multiplayer competition system. When players contribute to their battlion’s season goals, they will be able to earn cosmetic rewards for their character, weapons and accessories, though the developers have said none of the addons will shift the competitive balance.

BattleRank competitions also allow players to go out on their own and ranked up on the International leader boards. There will also be updates and regular challenges that will range from either taking place over the course of a season, or will be offered up hourly and all of the challenges will allow players to earn rewards and extra XP.

The developers have said that while there will be a progression system, it will only be cosmetic and will never give players tools or weapons that competitors can’t also get their hands on. The advancement opportunities that are out there will allow players to make their favorite character stand out from the crowd, as long as the cosmetic changes are those that would be seen and used in the setting of World War II.

The developers have said they are working hard on coming up with a anti-cheat system that will be among the best in the business. The team has said they are leaning on other games such as Battlefront in order to try and sniff out those who are somehow gaming the system. Its unclear what kind of cheats could be employed if the upgrades that are earned through the game are entirely cosmetic but it appears the company wants to make sure there aren’t any glitches available for those who go out of their way to try and get a leg up. Because this is a multiplayer only game, there is a real focus on making sure everyone has the same kind of experience.


Battalion 1944 2

As of now, there are no known named characters, since there is no story mode. Players take on the role of American soldiers in World War II. There are also soldiers from other countries that will make appearances as NPCs in the game with the Nazis being the main enemy in Battalion 1944.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game

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