Battlefield 1’s Melee Combat Is Going To Be Brutal and Unlike Anything Else In The Series

‘It’s a brutal and personal side to the combat.’

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Battlefield 1

We’ve not seen a lot of Battlefield 1 since its reveal, but that game looks absolutely amazing. Maybe it has to do with the World War 1 era setting, which has always been ignored in video games, and which it looks like DICE are going to attempt to recreate authentically- or maybe it has to do with the fact that after a few installments of what many felt were misguided streamlining of the series, it seems to be a return to form to what used to make the series good.

Whatever the reason, Battlefield 1 looks to be a great game, one that will authentically portray one of the bloodiest wars in human history. And one of the ways it will do that will be via a new, brutal melee system, DICE recently revealed.

“When you look at the kind of all-out war, you have air, land, sea and a big part of the fighting on the actual ground was almost the – if you put yourself in the position of the soldiers back then when they got their state-of- the-art machine guns, but then they can turn the corner and then there is a guy with a big trench mace, it’s almost medieval and it’s that clash of those two worlds that we felt like this is really something that we need to have in the game and it really adds something to it. It’s a brutal side to – brutal and personal side to kind of the combat in Battlefield 1,” said multiplayer producer Andreas Morell in an interview to OXM.

That sounds like an absolute dream, to be honest- not only does it reinforce the authenticity of the setting, but it also looks like it will make the gameplay far more diverse than in most shooters. Battlefield 1 will be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this October. We will be seeing more of the game come E3 next week.

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