Biomutant Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about Biomutant.

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Biomutant Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game


THQ Nordic

Experiment 101

PS4, Xbox One, PC

Genre:Role Playing

Release Date:2018

The first game out of a brand new studio in Sweden formed by ex-Avalanche Studios members called Experiment 101, Biomutant is an action role playing game scheduled for sometime in 2018. Players take control of a raccoon-ish rodent and explore a world of mutated animals with their custom furry character.

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There isn’t a lot of early development information since the reveal of the game happened so rapidly and close to the intended release, beyond the choice being made to run the game on Unreal Engine 4. We can infer that this is the project that the studio has been working on since they formed in 2015. The title was first revealed within German gaming magazine Gamesmarkt about a week ahead of when it hit a larger stage at Gamescom on August 21, 2017. It was said in an interview by the studio head Stefan Ljungqvist that the hardest part of development was balancing the game’s unique combat system to make the shooting, melee and abilities all equally important but also intuitive. It was also said at that time that the game was already content complete and the team was polishing from there.


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The story of Biomutant is largely player driven and based on the choices the player and their created avatar decide to make. As such there isn’t much we can give away here for concrete facts that won’t vary from game to game. The players are on a quest to save the Tree of Life, which supports all life in the world of the game and is suffering from a poison seeping up near its five roots. The player will journey through the world to each root, restore order and meet up with various tribes.

During the gameplay, the player will meet NPCs that represent the different forms of life on the Tree of Life, some will want to help heal the tree and some have their own agenda which might involve nothing to do with the tree. All of the tribes are influenced by the player’s decisions and the player can ally with them, use them, or destroy them outright, which will all effect the balance of power between the tribes.


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Players explore the world of the Tree of Life from a third person perspective, with some adventure elements mixed in. The mission based story will continue to branch out as the player interacts with central characters in each tribe and interactions with them and other NPCs will grow both the world’s lore and the player’s options. A karma and companion system govern all of your interaction with the games NPCs, so going against their wishes or helping an enemy faction might make things a bit rocky. Some NPCs can also be influenced into becoming a traveling partner who will become a companion and help you out on the field. Dynamic weather and a day/night cycle also have their own impacts on the game.

At the outset of the game, you’ll create your custom raccoon creature, deciding factors like gender, fur, fangs, length and other factors, which will all have different impact on how your avatar will handle during gameplay, such as lighter characters moving around easier but being more susceptible to damage. The player will also be able to customize their load out from a wide variety of melee and ranged weaponry, able to mix and match the two ranges during the third person combat and exploration in the game. Leveling up through combat will give attribute points which can be assigned to different skills or used to unlock new attack chains, on top of the usual progression in strength.

The weapons you equip or craft in the game define everything about how combat works, and the player will consistently be encouraged to try new load outs to mix things up. Finding new body parts and equipment such as air balloons or mechs is how the game defines its progression curve, allowing the player to explore the open world and dangerous areas with the help of new loot. The player is also given elemental affixes to play with, which can add effects to your weapons.


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While we do know that there will be characters central to each faction, we have yet to be introduced to them. And given that the player character is customizable, it seems like they’re more your conduit to the world than a realized figure within it.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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