Bloodborne: Farming Lots of Twin Blood Stone Shards And Blood Echoes

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Even the biggest and most challenging games can be beaten easily if you know what you’re doing and even the toughest of opponents can be beaten with a winning strategy. In this case, the game being Bloodborne. There’s an exploit you can use to get plenty of Blood Echoes and Twin Blood Stones that will help you get where you want to be.

First of all, make your way to the Hypogean Gaol. That’s to the right and just before the last flight of stairs at the Vicar Amelia boss fight location. Go all the way along here and confront two hunters in the alley with a house. You can, of course, run past them or sneak through the house to the left. At the end, you’ll find a passage between the rock, there’s a snatcher down here.

Let it kill you. This will bring you to the Hypogean Gaol. Exit the jail and run up three flights of stairs, ignoring the enemies in your path, until you find the lamp. Activating them will let you teleport back here from the Hunters Dream or  via a headstone. Now you can get exploiting. Teleport to the gaol and go down the first set of stairs on your left. On the opposite set of stairs, there’s a Snatcher. Whilst keeping a distance, lure it down the set of stairs until its head is stuck in the ceiling.

From this point on, use a long lunge with a decent weapon, spears are recommended, and eventually you’ll be rewarded with 1,308 Blood Echoes. Rinse and repeat. There’s also an option to get 2600 Blood Echoes. If you continue to go down the stairs, you will find yourself standing at the exit. Go down these stairs and wait at the exit, get as close to the space outside the door as you can without fully exposing yourself. As soon as you hear some fast paces, quickly dodge backwards up the stairs, if you don’t then get ready to take a heap of damage. Once the hag enemy is in the open, get killing. Rinse and repeat again.

If you go left in this room, you can find three sleeping enemies in separate cages. Clear out one of these cages and then head towards the doorway at the end. Proceed to lure the two snatchers, one at a time, up the stairs past where you killed the hag enemy. Keep going past the second doorway where they will get stuck. Killing them will net you over 7000 Blood Stones and you might even get Twin Blood Shards because they drop fairly often, which can be sold off for more Blood Stones.

The video below will show you how to do this all. For more Bloodborne cheats, click here.

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