Caffeine Demo v0.9.1 Releases

That v1.0 is within sight.

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Caffeine is, in case you haven’t already caught our previous, extremely extensive coverage of it, an indie puzzle horror game with a science fiction aesthetic. It is notable because it is going to be constructed entirely in Unreal Engine 4, and also because as a game, its premise is predicated on there being no combat whatsoever- an obvious and intriguing, but totally unprecedented, direction for a horror game to take.

Today, the developers announced that the demo has gotten an update, bringing the version number up to 0.9.1 (we’re never getting to v1.0, are we?). The new build, which is based on a showing the game got in Adelaide, Australia, brings a large number of changes with it:

Change Log:

  • Based on the demo shown at AVCon 2014. (Unreal Engine 4.3 Base)
  • The demo level is now non-linear (explore how ever you wish!)
  • Physics based interaction (Hold right-click on a coffee cup and various other objects such as mobile lights.)
  • Implemented head bobbing and crouching (This is an early implementation, don’t be surprised if there are a few bugs.)
  • Level has been heavily rebuilt with new assets(No longer old UE3 assets.)
  • Materials have been heavily tweaked. (Most textures are now at 4K and 8K resolution.)
  • Oculus DK2 head tracking **should** work (With the 3.2 camera drivers from Oculus SDK website, won’t need these for next release.)

In addition, the following features are still to  be implemented:

  • You can not yet swim! Deep water results in a level reset for now.
  • Inventory system.
  • More puzzles.

Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage on the game. You know we’ll be on the ball with it.

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